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21 Troublesome '96 Troublesome '96

Very good and clever gangsta lyrics by the best rapper of all time, Tupac! This song should be in his top ten if you ask me. Rest in peace.

The most violent, bumpin, hardcore gangster song by Tupac. Shows a much darker side of the legend. Great music and lyrics, truly disappointed most people don't rate this in his top ten when it easily tops songs like Hit Em Up and Changes.

All in your mind every time

22 So Many Tears So Many Tears

Hands down I call this the best rap song ever made. Listen close people, I don't think I realized it when I was bumpin this at the age of 15. But as a grown man today I realize how deep this poetry really was. "I had a mind full of daemons and they break free, they planted seeds and they hatched spark n the flame inside my brain... Could mean a number of things and can be interpreted in many ways but in reference to the song head basically saying the daemons or mental struggle that persists in his mind (he realizes he wants to change but even if he does, break free" the demons he struggles with planted seed n they still at times hatch sparking the flame n he's back in the dirty game so to speak. It's like any struggle people may have overcome, you are still affected by the struggle you endured for ever hence the "seeds". Remember this is a song that came out 4 months after the quad studios ambush where he was crap 5 times (plus 2 braise wounds) when he was supposed ...more

Best song tupac ever made he has the best beats is this songs and best lyrics

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23 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted

I'm not saying it is his BEST hit, I am simply saying it should be somewhere close to the top ten e. g. 11, 12 etc - robertoantonioortuso

Tupac and Snoop Dogg you can't go wrong!

Ain't nuthin but a gangsta party is this not in the top 10...? I don't even have a review, how is this not in the top 10...?

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24 Runnin' (Dying to Live) Runnin' (Dying to Live)

The best collaboration by two rappers. The lyrical message behind this song is insane!

This song is too good for words. When Eminem produced this I never thought it would be this good. It shows how dumb the beef was with 2pac and Biggie. I love it. It never gets old.

Great piece of music and it is from two of the worlds best rappers so you know what to expect!

My favourite song
Why am I dying to live when I'm living to die?

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25 Against All Odds Against All Odds

This was my number one song

26 Hellrazor Hellrazor

It's a real good

27 Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z... Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z...
28 All Eyez On Me All Eyez On Me V 2 Comments
29 Bury Me a G Bury Me a G

Love the song! Tupac we still listen 2 you

30 Trapped Trapped V 1 Comment
31 Brenda's Got a Baby Brenda's Got a Baby

The most realist, poetic, lyrical and saddest Tupac song ever produced! It will always be in his top ten songs of all time!

The most amazing song I have ever heard, 2Pacalypse Now is an unbelievable spiritual journey behind America and shows us all the problems it has!

Love the lyrics as well as the background music. Really should be higher on the list, like 15 or something, at least.

The beginning is really good and unforgettable: I hear brendas got a baby but brenda barely got a brain, a damn shame the girl can hardly spell her name!

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32 Soulja's Story Soulja's Story
33 Letter 2 My Unborn Letter 2 My Unborn

This song is so amazing
I think it should be top 5
The lyrics are so deep

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34 I Get Around I Get Around

This was the first really big one and still the best. Don't know why it gets ignored. That summer with biggie and Tupac has never been topped.

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35 Never Had a Friend Like Me Never Had a Friend Like Me

One of the best postmortem songs Tupac has come out with.

36 When Thugz Cry When Thugz Cry

Until The End Of Time is the greatest Tupac album of all time, a great range of underrated hits and this one is the best out of all of em'

I think it is the best Tupac's song ever. Amazing lyrics. "Come take my body God, don't let me suffer any longer"

My favorite Tupac song! The lyrics are amazing and they are realist stories in this dope track!

Thugs Cry was an amazing hit and it always will be, it is better than Ghetto Gospel which wasn't even that good!

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37 Lord Knows Lord Knows

This song is the best best song ever 2pac I will never forget you...

38 Death Around the Corner Death Around the Corner
39 They Don't Give a **** About Us They Don't Give a **** About Us

Track is really bone chilling, unfortunately there isn't enough of that out there - nathancantsnipe

40 How Do U Want It How Do U Want It

People forget to actually look at the overall quality of the song, both as a hip hop number and simply as a song. The message is not what makes a song great. This beat is amazing - Themusicman

How Do U Want It at #38?! Is this list a joke? It's easily his best song.

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