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41 Death Around the Corner
42 Me and My Girlfriend

Pac at his most lyrical. Deserves top at least in the top 15.

Has a strange �'vibe�' that i�'ve never heard in any other rap song...

43 Do for Love

One of the best hooks of all time. You could listen to it without any lyrics and it would still be so smooth. It also helps that 2Pac is rapping over it.

This is such an amazing song with such genuine and true lyrics. For me it should be in the top list names.

I'm not saying this is his his best song but I'd at least put it at sonwere around 11 or 14

44 When We Ride On Our Enemies

So damn underrated, in my opinion one of 2pac's best songs, the hook is amazing

This song is so underrated in my opinion its on hit em up's level

45 To Live and Die in L.A.

This song is definitely Top 30 for me, an excellent song, yet it's only just in the Top 90!

Gotta be top 5
everything from word play, beat an chorus is on point

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46 R U Still Down? (Remember Me)

Heavy and grimey tupuc is always down

Described the exact feeling at that time

47 Shorty Wanna Be a Thug

When i was growing up this helped me get myself on a better path - preachinpreach

"I tell you it's a cold world, stay in school
You tell me it's a man's world, play the rules"
- great song, one of his bests should be in top 15

48 Temptations

It is one of tupac best records

49 Ghost

Released after his death, making it even more chilling of a song.

50 Can U Get Away

Unbelievable lyrics, catches my every time I hear the song.

When the girl you love is mistreated by someone else...this is the track

51 Pain

It has a good beat, good lyrics, and a great delivery.

Best Ever! Hands Down!

Awesome song
I think, its his best

52 Smile

Best song should be in the top 5

53 Outlaw

This should be top 10


54 All About U

This is the best 2 pac song because the lyrics are good the outlawz are good and it's a song you can really dance to.

This has to be the best Tupac song of all time, classic beat to it, awesome chorus. Really nostalgic song. The definition of what Tupac is

One of tupacs best songs and its all the way down here that just shows that tupac has too many good songs

55 Ratha Be Ya N****

It's such an amazing and such a smooth song. It shows the lyrical versitality of tupac, he can rap about being a gangsta, racial activist and a lover all at the same time. It's just a song that a bang to regularly

56 Dumpin'

This song is amazing I guess not enough puerile know about it

I love this song! Should be in the top 10 I think

57 I Don't Give a F***

Neva care about what they say...

58 Krazy
59 Untouchable

Not the best but better than some rapper song that their best it

60 Resist the Temptation

His most underrated song; only heard it recently, probably his best in my opinion and I have been listening to pac for my 18 years.

Can't believe this song was not on the list. Probably one of his most meaningful songs. Should be at least in the top ten! - BB4

The song just got me especially with amel larrieux version its got my life. really unbelievble

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