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21 American Idol - Kelly Clarkson Wins

Kelly Clarkson completely changed the face of music, as well as television. Her winning made the show extremely popular, which led to it becoming the highest rated show of all time. American Idol became so popular that it led to the creation of Idol shows in many other countries, as well as other television shows based on singing, and shows based on other talents outside of singing. Not only did she change television, but music as well. Kelly's win helped other highly popular singers, such as Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, Chris Daughtry, Leona Lewis, Jennifer Hudson, and others to break records with their success. Without her winning the first season, television, as well as music, would not be the same today.

22 I Love Lucy - Lucy Works At a Chocolate Factory

This was hysterical. This is still widely remembered today.

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23 VMA 2009 - Kanye West Interrupts Taylor Swift Acceptance Speech

Yes this was like the funniest thing I've ever seen Because of
1. Taylor actually gives him the microphone
2. Kanye starts off by saving imma let chu have your moment but...
3. The look on her face when he was talking
4. The look on Beyonce's face
5. He was right

24 Dallas - Kristin Shoots J.R.

It was such a big deal suring the summer between the first part of the episode, and the second. It was one of the biggest mysteries in television history, and many people were surprised by the outcome.

25 Bad Lad's Army - Sgt Rae's gungey individual rant

Also known as Sgt Rae's first billet inspection.

26 Newhart - The Show Turns Out to Be Just a Dream

In the series finale, Bob Newhart wakes up in his bed from his previous sitcom, The Bob Newhart Show, with his wife from the sitcom, and he tells her about his dream, and describes the premise of Newhart.

27 Survivor - Ozzy Gets Blindsided

This doesn't mean anything to anyone who does not watch the show, but Ozzy was considered an unstoppable player. It was almost impossible to win a challenge against him, and he had a hidden immunity idol to use if he ever thought he would be voted out, all which solidified his place in the final three of the game. When he lost a challenge, he was convinced he would not be voted out, and at the time nobody was planning to vote him out. It was the riskiest plan ever in the game because if he used his immunity idol, one of the people planning to blindside him would be voted out. He got too cocky, and chose not to use the idol, and was voted out with five out of the nine votes.

28 Scrubs - Ben's Funeral

Where do you think we are?

29 Degrassi - JT Gets Stabbed
30 MASH - Goodbye, Farewell & Amen

Well it's a bit of a long "moment", but it gets my vote. - Myke1

31 Moon Landing

A thousand years from now, nobody will remember anything that is happening today at all, except for this; the first time humans left the planet.

Arguably the greatest moment in mankind.

Yep this should be up there - 2storm

32 Grey's Anatomy - As We Know It

made the top five in the Emmy's Best TV Moments- Drama for the 60th anniversary

33 Lost - Charlie Dies

It was so emotional and so well filmed. He was my favorite character and I was so crushed.

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34 Friends - The End
35 SpongeBob SquarePants - The Ugly Barnacle Story

Once there was an ugly barnacle, he was so ugly, that everyone died, The End.

36 The Vampire Diaries - Damon Kisses Elena
37 The Big Bang Theory - "Soft Kitty" as a round

When Sheldon & Penny sing this in a season 3 episode after Penny dislocates her shoulder, the chemistry between the actors is amazing! It is one of the worst television moments... BAZINGA!

Del and Rodney, Eric and morcambe wise, miranda and Steve, lily and Marshall, sheldon and penny. The greatest double acts ever

38 Survivor - Susan Hawk's Rats and Snake Speech
39 Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo - The Kiss V 1 Comment
40 Jonathan shoves his wife - Amazing race season 6
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