Castiel (Supernatural)

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Castiel is a fictional character portrayed by Misha Collins on the CW Television Network's American television series Supernatural.


Castiel is one of the deepest additions to the Supernatural main cast of characters. He came swooping in, soldier angel on a mission, and without realizing it, changed himself forever. Through a human soul that shone brightest, even in the depths of hell, this angel has become humanized. Castiel demonstrates what happens when someone actually makes the effort to understand the perspective of another, when someone listens, when someone tries to be in another's shoes. He realized, after trying to understand a creature he thought he knew, that all he knew was a stereotype, and that the barrier being torn down was a good thing, was the right thing. Castiel has one of the biggest hearts in Supernatural, and he demonstrates how wonderful the world could be if we all learned to love more. Conversely, he also still has a long way to go because he hasn't learned how to ask for help and admit when he needs it. If the world lost their pride like that, it would immensely improve. I'm hoping ...more

He is the most interesting and complex character out there..He is the reason why I'll give Season 9 of SPN a chance..

I was more than pleasantly surprised with the introduction of the Castiel character. While being not human, he has tread the most human path of any character on Supernatural; his journey laying an awkward, but wholly relatable trail of inner discovery, blossoming a fundamental kinship with the audience, and forging a deep, loyal fan-following that will live on long after the show's end. The Supernatural show creators and their writers have consistently created brilliantly multi-dimensional characters, and Castiel is no exception. And with the extraordinary blueprint before him, Misha Collins has breathed such tangible presence into existence, giving everything Castiel deserved, to make him the fascinating and beloved character he is. This is why we cast our vote for The Angel of Thursday.

Castiel is such a complex character. He is a servant (a warrior) to a god that he's never met and that has abandoned him and finds meaning in humanity through Dean Winchester. He rebels for Dean, goes against everything he was programmed for to save humanity to save Dean. And when confronted with the newfound free will, Castiel learns that the ends don't always justify the means and the sting of betrayal and mistrust. It's almost like watching a child grow into ethics, just because it feels right doesn't mean it is. When you find a wallet full of money and use it to buy things for your friends it's still wrong, it's still stealing and watching Cas work this all out is just heartbreaking. To be anything but free, then entirely free and on your own with feelings you don't quite understand is just tragic.

A lot of people say that Castiel was weak. That's crap. He reflects all the good and bad of every season, and I love him for it. I think that in the show, God made him special. God knew his archangels couldn't be trusted with the fate of humanity, so he rested it all on the trench-coated shoulders of one little foot soldier. Even when he took a few turns for the worst, with the exception of Leviathan! Cas, he always wanted the best for people, Castiel would even fight his own family to protect his friends. He was not weak, he wasn't (okay well he was for a few seconds there) just any old deus ex machina, too much heart was not Castiel's problem. Castiel was strong enough to protect who he loved and he'll always be my favorite character.

One of the most interesting characters on T.V. at the moment in my opinion. There is so much potential in this character, only some of it has been mined by Supernatural and I hope Season 9 explores him more (so far most of the information/spoilers do point towards this, although not all of the info/spoilers are things I will enjoy, but as is the way of T.V.) There is something both Other and relatable in Castiel, that has endeared him to many fans. Not to mention the facinating friendship with Dean, which has been somewhat of an emotional roller coaster since season 4. Hoping that season 9 develops on this Profound Bond. (The friendship with Sam is also interesting but in a less explored way, but there is potential there for them to be even greater friends.) Castiel breathed life into Supernatural when he burst into that barn. He not only raised Dean from perdition, but Supernatural as a show too. (in my opinion anyway :D YMMV) (Also, lots of kudos to Misha Collins who has made ...more

Castiel was an Angel of the Lord. He did whatever he was told to do, even if it included killing innocents. That was until he met the Winchester brothers, who taught him about free will. He learned he had a choice on what to do and that not every order he got from heaven was right. First being portrayed as this ruthless warrior of God, was actually a lost and innocent person who barely showed any hint of emotion. But he has sacrificed so much for the sake of the Winchesters and the world. He has died multiple times in order to do what is right. He left his family, his faith, and grace behind in order to do what was right. He's also pretty sassy and has a dry humor. Then we have his awkwardness and straightforwardness, which are all very endearing. Castiel is a wonderful character who is a fan favorite. I mean, the who almost got cancelled when Castiel had died and had not come back to life. So it seems that Cas is an important piece in the show - Supernatural

Dynamic character who connects emotionally with the audience. Great for comic relief and is full of surprises.

Castiel is the physical embodiment of the saying, ""the road to hell is paved with good intentions". In this way, he has always been very easy to relate, connect, and identify with. While he always means well, things usually end up crashing down around him; and yet, he keeps going. Castiel has come so far since first appearing on Supernatural in season 4, and will hopefully continue to develop in the future.

He's powerful with glimpses of vulnerability, a wealth of knowledge covering an adorable a mount of innocent wonder, and passionate behind a layer of cold calm exterior. The combination of conflicting characteristics hidden behind the depths of those intense blue eyes? The most fascinating character in television history.

I can't believe how much I love this character. My enjoyment of this show is directly proportional to Castiel's air time. I literally cannot put into words how much he means to me.

I believe Castiel is a perfect fictional character and Misha Collins has done a fantastic job bringing him to life. He is so lovable in his naiveness and interesting character development. He is truly a loved character when a fandom can bring him back onto the show after being missed in season 7. His relationship with Dean only progresses allowing the Destiel shippers to fuel their hope of it becoming canon. But Castiel as a character is adorable and wonderful and deserves to win.

He is not perfect, he has cracks and yet is one he relate to most. And through these cracks he brings forth emotions and decisions that shape and shake and move. His problem is that he has too much heart. And he always tries his best. Be believes. He found home in two wayward orphans. Friends family and maybe more. Castiel is an angel and will always be.

Castiel, Angel of the Lord, (well not anymore) is one of my favorite characters in Supernatural because it rekindled my desire to keep watching Supernatural. I started out watching in middle school, first season, by the way for people who like to distinguish between fans.

Castiel came in added something new and fresh to Supernatural that has helped keep it going all these years. He's interesting, adorable and awesome, easy to love and connect with, and just the perfect mix of everything a great character should be.

Ever since his stunning entrance he has grabbed me. There is just something special and beautiful about him. Without his presence on Supernatural, I would have stopped watching a long time ago. Hope Castiel is with the show until the series ends.

Castiel is one of the most amazing fictional characters. Yes he gets things wrong with good intentions but he deals with all of this in his own way. Misha Collins is an amazing actor and his portrayal of all aspects of Cas is so flawless, he is even better than most High-end Actors and deserves all the awards for his emotional and comedy performances :3

He really is the best. Even though he's supposed to be the perfect little angel, he shows his character and opinions in a way that really connect to you. Castiel is one of the best characters ever created, and I will stand by that opinion probably for as long as I live.

When I think of Supernatural, I think of Castiel and, as evidenced by all those who cosplay as this icon, so do many other fans. While it is the Winchester brothers at the center of the story, Cas has made his own mark in the Supernatural world. I, for one, would not watch this show without him. This character burst onto the scene amidst the flash of exploding lights as a harbinger of the exciting storylines to come. Thanks to Misha Collins' unique take on this angel, we have a character that is at once both old and young, alien and familiar, adorable and frightening. No list of greatest T.V. characters would be complete without him. One of my all-time favorites!

Castiel is probably one of the biggest reasons I still watch Supernatural. His character was a breath of fresh air to the series when he arrived, and his relationship with the Winchesters - and everything that goes along with it - helps keep the plot and show in general from becoming stale and repetitive.

It's ironic how a character with no emotions connects with the audience on an emotional level, and I don't see how Misha (the actor) is able to do that. A great character in a great series.

He's a great character, so interesting and complex. Every season you learn something new about him, just as well as he learn something new about humanity and the world. I love watching him discover new things in life and find joy in things he never knew existed or never gave it much thought (like T.V., porn or burgers). He gets on well with Dean and Sam, providing them with a friend and a new member of their little family which I think is great and much needed on this show.

My favourite angel. I love the character, and it's fun to see his confusion when Dean makes some pop-culture reference, or some figure of speech. His character development between seasons 4 and 8 has been phenomenal.

He's made mistakes, but at his very core he is good. He only wants to do the right thing for his family in heaven and on earth and has nearly destroyed himself because of it, yet he continues giving anyway.

The most tragic and beautiful character I've ever come across. Watching him grow and develop during the last 5 season has been an incredible journey and though I sometimes regret getting so attached to Supernatural, I'll never regret falling for Castiel.