Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

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Dean Winchester is a fictional character and one of the two protagonists of the American drama television series Supernatural.


While I was tempted to vote for Castiel, I just had to vote for Dean! I liked his character from the very beginning, and I remember the moment I fell in love with him (the moment he said 'It's homemade' and smiled like a dork when talking about his EMF reader.) Dean cares for people and he loves so deeply, and I love following his development throughout the seasons--I think he's had a lot of internalized self-hatred, and it's beautiful seeing him grow as a character and come into his own interests and finally step out of the shadow of his father. Dean is a wonderful character, and beautifully complex; I don't think I've ever (or will ever) love a character as much as I love Dean Winchester.

He's been put through hell (literally) and every possible bad thing that could happen has happened to him but he doesn't give up, as much as he wants to, he stays strong for the sake of others (specifically Sammy) which is amazing and made all the more brilliant with Jensen Ackles acting and ability to become the character. Dean has inspired many to try their best for others and focus on whats important in life which is family, friends, justice and those bonds that can't be broken.

A hero! Hard on the outside, so soft on the inside. Strong, dedicated, brave, loyal/ hotheaded, impulsive, immature, closed off

Such an interesting, complex character. He's so real and I love him. You can't touch jensen's acting. It's beautiful and painful at the same time. Amazing. Dean is such a badass at one moment and then a cute little bebe you just want to cuddle the next. He's got a geeky side and he loves pie. Such SUCH an underrated, surprising character.

He is the best. Dean Winchester is a hero, even though he doesn't believe so. Family means a lot to him, so he do the best he can for it. If it wasn't gor him, a lot of people would be dead, including his little brother, Sam. We got to admit, Dean is the smartest fictional character, he always find a solution to his problems and win in fights with the bad guys. He doesn't believe in fate, and has no faith, and that's what it makes him so special.

I love Jensen's Dean Winchester. The show is unique on so many levels and Dean Winchester is a complex and appealing personality. He puts himself out there week after week for the good of humanity. He is an unsung hero who deserves our gratitude but he rarely gets to feel appreciated. He has so many admirable attributes: brave, selfless, loyal, humble, funny, determined and just so adorable. I empathize with his plight in life.

Dean is the best guy along with Sam. He is the most awesome big brother, the best son, the most loyal friend, a very caring father and an amazing human. Not to say the best hunter. He is emotional inside but hides them beautifully behind his smirk. He might hide behind the tough guy mask but every one close to him knows that he is a loving caring and vulnerable guy. He really is the best

Dean Winchester was raised like warrior. He's mischievous, brave & kind. An amazing brother. A little immature :) A classic rock fan. Porn aficionado Pie Lover! Family is everything ‚̧Intelligent Competent impulsive soft spot for kids Tortured soul Saving people hunting things Dean Whinchester :) My hero.

He's an amazing guy. He's done so much. Been through so much and has a heart of gold. He plays the hard man, but is so soft on the inside. He keeps it together when all around him is well, going to hell! A fantastic character which on the surface could be mistaken for being one dimensional, but that could not be further from the truth. He has so many layers to him.

Dean is why I fell in love with the show Supernatural. Not just for his ruggedly, handsome, good looks. Or for his funny, I one liners, he made the show from the beginning. It started with him bringing Sam back home and into hunting and he's watched over and been through every trial since. His acting is phenomenal, he can make you laugh, cry, and get angry in the same episode.

I identify with Dean Winchester on so many levels. Jensen Ackles in my opinion is the only one who could make his character Dean come alive and seam so real. I believe if anyone else tried to play Dean the series wouldn't have lasted past the pilot episode. Jensen makes u want to believe in Dean. His struggle to be a good son, a protective brother an excellent hunter. He makes you want to stand with him and save the world. While he unknowingly makes us women fall in love with him while, he makes the men want to be him. He inspires us. That takes real skill as an actor to captivate an audience to make them believe. That's what Jensen Ackles does with Dean Winchester and as I stated before. I believe no one else could bring that to the table other then Jensen Ackles.

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The first time I watched supernatural, Dean Winchester was the character that I fell in love with, and also connected with the most. His strong love for his family, his dedication, courage, selfless-ness, kindness...I really, really love him. Watching him cry feels like being stabbed repeatedly.

Wow, words to describe Dean just don't come. I guess since the moment I saw him on the screen I fell in love with his character. The "BAMF" act was intriguing to and hooked me. Then it just got better as his character came full circle with its development over the years. I do miss young Dean, but there is something special about him now and throughout every season. I do love his bro Sam and boyfriend Cas, but Dean will always hold a special place in my heart. Perhaps it is because on an almost alternate reality kind of level I can relate to him. I truly don't know.

He is the most complex, conflicted, and charismatic of the three characters on Supernatural. Jensen Ackles is also the most gifted actor I have ever seen on television. As Dean, he says more with one facial muscle than any amount of scripted exposition! He's the best.

This character has overcome every stereotype written into him. He is the bad boy who is good through and through, the loner who clings to his family, the blue collar guy who proves intelligence is innate not something acquired at school, the metal head who reads Vonnegut, the BAMF with a tender heart. I dare you to watch and not end up relating in some way.

Beautifully portrayed broken hero. Jensen Ackles has done a marvelous job of taking a stereotype and making Dean three-dimensional and nuanced.

Dean is my favorite character of all time. He's hilarious, but there's also a dark side to him that I love. Jensen Ackles does a brilliant job portraying him! I have to vote for Dean (though Castiel is a close second)

No recognition because of the genre and being on the CW. He is capable of being a movie stars with his skills.

Funny, smart, King of the epic eye roll, stunningly beautiful green eyes, selfless, heroic, charming, loyal, the best brother EVER! Do I need to go on? He is quite simply the greatest character of all time.

Ther is so much to say so I'm just gonna sum him up in one word, maybe two or the or four, maybe five. He is so amazing. Yep, five. And that is barely the beginning. I just don't know how to describe him. So I'm just gonna leave it at that. Wait, one more thing. DEAN WINCHESTER IS SO HOT! There. I got it out of my system. Sayonara, people. The Master has spoken.

Such a great portrayal by Jensen Ackles of this engaging, layered & complex character.

The character of Dean Winchester could only be played by Jensen Ackles! He puts this "feelings" in it that makes Dean real! I love The Dean character because Jensen does him so well!

Dean is one of the greatest characters on Supernatural who is underutilized and misunderstood. He does not get enough love.

Jensen is a fantastic actor; he makes us believe everything is real. He does funny, emotional, sad, serious, all with equal skill. And, he's gorgeous.

I think from other characters..he's most normal from his brother for one! That's truly special, just being him..himself!

Jensen's acting is incredibly moving, inspiring, and emotional. His comic timing is perfect.