Sam Winchester (Supernatural)

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Samuel "Sam" Winchester is a fictional character and one of the two protagonists of the American drama television series Supernatural along with his older brother Dean.


Intelligent, compassionate & beautifully flawed. Sam's heart is always in the right place, even if he has yet to learn that the ends don't always justify the means. In spite of some missteps along the way, Sammy is still fighting the good fight & keeping his faith. He isn't afraid of sacrificing himself if it will save others (especially his brother). Sammy is the brain & heart to Dean's brawn & humor. Together they are a well-oiled evil-fighting machine. The bond of brotherhood has been stretched & tested over the past 10 seasons, but the brothers are still there for each other. Sammy has taken a lot of flack from his brother about his missteps, largely with silent acceptance of the rebukes, yet fights the urge to do the same when it is Dean who is in error. (A trait of younger siblings, I feel, as I do the same). Sam can frequently get information the brothers need with a compassionate word or 2 & his puppydog eyes. As the boy tainted with demon blood at 6 months old, he tries to ...more

I just starting watching Supernatural 1 year ago. I caught up right before season 9 started. I fell in love with his character right away. I mean a six month old baby that a demon tainted against his will. He tried to do good. he went to collage tried to be normal but was dragged back into the life. Yes he made decision that turned bad, but his heart was always in the right place. He more than made up for his error of judgement. He has suffered allot and he is a good and kind person under all that pain. If his character ever seems off or not good, it was do to some outside cause. Like ruby or losing dean, his big brother. So yes his deserves be in top ten. I want to say more but there's no words that express how deeply I feel about his character. Is Sam all the way!

Sam is now and always will be my sweet baby who never got the family life (albeit brief) that Dean got, never saw his parents happy, never knew his Dad before he was a revenge-driven crazy person and spent his life being pulled from pillar to post back and forth across America, never having a proper home or school life (though he still managed to be a straight A student, if even no-one was proud of him for it! ). Despite all that he has grown up to be a good, kind earnest person who would do anything for his brother and he has been through so much and I love what Jared has done in the less showy role of Sam.

The character of Sam Winchester is an outstanding role, brought to life by the very talented Jared Padalecki. Sam has spent his entire life in the shadow of his older brother, has struggled to find his place in the world, has tried and failed, and died, a number of times to make things 'right' and to earn his brother's trust. Sam is multi-dimentional and multi-layered, earnest, humorous, serious, smart, lost, and intensely lonely and isolated. Jared's skill at portraying Sam in all of his complexity came to a dramatic head in the season 8 finale 'Sacrifice', anyone who watches that performance cannot deny the power and the pain, the beauty and the futility of Sam's existence, especially when confronted with his brother trying to stop him from completing the 3rd Trial that would have sealed the Gates of Hell forever. With one word, he brought an entire fandom to tears. "So? " That one word, uttered with anguish and hopelessness and defiance, rocked everyone to their very core. Jared ...more

Sam is such an amazing character that is a beautiful diction of a person trying to function while being in an abusive relationship. It is pictured in such a perfect realistic way, that most people watching the show don't even believe it's happening. Which is most people real reaction to seeing an abusive relationship where they like the abuser. Jared Padalecki is doing a great job show how Sam is slowly bending to Dean's will as a way of trying to be the brother that Dean is trying to push him into becoming. Sam is amazing and should be everyone's favorite!

Please let's make this happen that Sam Winchester gets the win! I think his character has grown a lot since the very first season of Supernatural. I am a very big fan of this show and I have seen Sam go from heartbreak to evil to nice guy and I believe that it should get award along with the other characters in this show. They picked a great actor to play Sam Winchester Jared Padalecki he is amazing person inside and out. Sam cares about his family and will go at nothing to make sure to have them in his life.

Sam Winchester is a character that is easy to understand where he is coming from. Giving up what he was doing to help the family. Then trying to find his placeole and trying to do the right thing but messing up along the way, all the while thinking that honestly he is doing the right thing. Then loving his brother so much that he is willing to die because he has felt like he has let him down so much and that he has messed up to the point that he hurts anyone that comes near him. Now trying so hard to prove that after everything that he has grown up and that he has learned lessons. That he just wants to be able to be equal to his older brother.

Sam Winchester is one of the best written characters I've ever had the pleasure of watching on television, Jared Padalecki brings a script to life with his unique skills as an actor and has the ability to make the Supernatural viewers feel sympathy, sadness, anger along with a number of other emotions as Sam embarks on a dangerous road in the demon hunting world along with his brother Dean and the angel on their shoulders, Castiel.

Sam Winchester incredible journey has been a inspiration to see the adversity of life still get up fighting not willing to give up letting the watcher know life is hard things may not go as plained get up move on. Sam is the unsung hero that stands beside his brother lovingly following him from one fight to another. His life broken shadered by death from the women he loves right up to his brother going to hell to save him and a Father that never was there to raise him. He trys to have a normal life if he really understands what that mean with all the monter hunting no home or mother guide him. Jared Padalecki, gives life to a man Sam Winchester he lives with Sam Winchester for fourteen hours aday nine months of the year but because of the way he brings life to Sam Winchester to us in the fandom he lives with us everyday we miss this character over the Hiatus so much so we hang on every tweet message that Jared Padalecki shares until the next new season begins.

Sam is just awesome. He is emotional and affectionate and compliments his brother. He don't like to take orders just like that, he argues for what he think is not right. He craved a normal life, he left his home, but he came back when his brother needed him. He may look like a stubborn kid but deep down he is just a little brother who seeks his brothers approval more than anything. He is cute and adorable.

I identify with Sam. From the beginning of the series I have connected with Sam always wanting the freedom to go his own way in life. He has tried to make the decisions for what is right and ultimately has made irreversible mistakes with his good intentions. I admire his humanness. Even staring into the face of death he was ready to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

Sam is one of the most relatable characters I've ever come across. He makes mistakes, like any common man. What makes him special is that he owns up to these mistakes, takes accountability for them and tries to make it right. It is indeed sad that he seems to be the show's favourite punching bag of late. Still, he continues to display such incredible strength, courage and kindness. He is truly an inspirational character.

I find it amazing how much Sam gives and how little he receives back, yet still continues to give. Sam is a truly amazing character played by an amazing actor (Jared) and I'm surprised that this character is so loving and kind when the only person who cares for him is Dean (and sometimes he doubts that). It's wonderful. This character is helping me to be stronger, to remember that things could be worse. So for that, I love Sam.

Sam Winchester is a great hunter! Always fighting against his destiny. He has a kind heart and willing to sacrifice himself to save more people. He jumped into the pit to stop apocalypse. He tried three trials to close the hell's door. He made mistakes but honestly face them and tried his best to make up. He is not perfect but I love him. He deserves more love!

Love the layers to this character. Has had it every bit as tough as his brother with less support. Smart, funny, intelligent. Heart of Gold. Caring, tough, sometimes lost but always finding his way sometimes with the help of his brother. Loves his family dearly, but not blindly. Firmly believes there is that light at the end of the tunnel (not just hellfire). Willing to hunt to the end, but would love an end to the need to hunt.

Sammy is a sweet guy with a dark side. He makes a lot of mistakes, but always redeems himself through his sacrifices, his selflessness, and his general sweet and loving nature. Jared Padalecki always delivers a beautiful performance of this character who just wants to do the right thing while fighting the dark forces in the world and the dark forces in himself.

I love Sam Winchester because of his personality and the love he has for wanting to save a person life and how he thinks about his family. And how much love he share with his brother to keep him safe and he watches out for his Brother Dean in everyway possible. Jared Padalecki plays Sam very well. They pick a great person to play him.

He always gives so much of himself for others. He has such a big heart but, always thinks the worst of himself. I just want to hold him and reassure him a lot of the time, I almost forget he is a character on a T.V. show. This proves what a great Jared is doing. He puts a lot of himself into Sam and wants to protect him. What's not to love?

This is the character who has been through 180 years of torture in Lucifer's Cage and yet is still kicking-ass. The Character who has suffered the most and yet is there for everyone. Despite him being caught up in a web of warring factions of Heaven and Earth, his relentless pursuit and desire for Normalcy is appealing and Heart-breaking! This Character carries the Guilt of starting the Apocalypse despite the fact that he was pushed in in doing so and doesn't even know it. He is complicated, flawed but unbelievably empathetic and that's what makes us relate with him. The way Jared Padalecki potrays Sam brings him to life. And Evil! Sam is just some top-notch acting. Hands down one of the most tragic and underrated Characters in the History of T.V..

He is perhaps the greatest example of that tragically optimistic person that lives on the street by your home, workplace, or favorite place to eat. Constantly thinking his luck's about to change for the better and allowing himself to hopeful, even when the world spits on him.

Sam Winchester is the most precious character ever. I want him to find some happiness, some love because he deserves it all. He is cute and smart and caring and just - Sam. that's all I want in my life. Also Jared. He does such a great job and both - Jared and Sam - are so underrated. They both deserve the world and a lot more.

I just finished watching 8 seasons of this show last month. I fell in love with the character of Sam Winchester because Jared Padalecki is a magnificent actor. Truly amazing. I could watch him all day and I have lately. Can't wait for season nine to begin. I'm hooked.

Sam is an amazing character. He has suffered so much he still carried the blame when others have been forgiven. His pain is often overlooked or forgotten and that is heartbreaking. He has had to work with his abusers with a smile and forced to hide his pain. Sam deserves so much more than he is given.

Sam is the silent, inward, not explained character! His point of view so much neglected! I am nonetheless at his side after 8 years of SPN. He is a mystery, a deep one! He would go through hell and back for his bro! He did!

Sam Winchester is the ultimate guy, such humility and strength. He made the ultimate sacrifice. Jared is such a wonderful actor, and is so handsome, and what a great husband and father he is. Love this man.