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Kind People

How is this not #1 and why is this list so stereotypical and sexist?! I mean, "Old Man"? First of all, *Old Men, and secondly, it should be *elderly, since you better be talking about all old people and not just ones that are guys. Finally, how are they the best to you? I mean, yes, they are generally knowledgeable and kind, but not as much as overall wise and kind people! Also, why so sexist at the top! Men can be jerks, women can be jerks, but kind people are usually very kind (hence the title, obviously)
Also, the reason men have achieved more in history is because how much they limited women to the kitchen and the kids! Also, women shouldn't be #1 because, well, men have achieved more in history! (Yeah, I know)
Kind People for the win. Can't see how they aren't #1.

WHY IS THIS NOT FIRST I am disgusted by the fact that so many people are so sexist. You can't just categorise people as 'bad' or 'good' from their gender. The inside is what's important - how could you say that the way our genitals are shaped decides whether we are great or not? I sincerely do not understand.

They are by far the best people to be friends with, have as a spouse, and to be around with. After all, the greatest human ever (Jesus Christ) was extremely kind and loving.

Greatest warrior & administrate created a great empire which increased its power even after him due to principles given by him.


I'm not trying to defend the fact that men are higher than women, but this would have no backlash if it was vice versa. - Unnamed Google User Remade

This is very sexist. Seeing some peachhole with a 2nd century mind who still thinks that men are stronger than women is absolutely disgusting. Guys, women can be strong, too. Not every woman is weak and not every man is strong. Stop being stereotypical, please. And even if you are, men and women are 100% equal. Thank you for your time.
- Anonymous

Wow, this is very sexist! I'm truly disgusted. Men have always been dominant gender, show us women a little respect. It took a long time for women to even be able to have any impact on the decision of American leaders. I'm very frustrated and disappointed.

Neither gender should be on this list. It's just going to cause problems.

Whoever made this list is truly stupid. All man and women are considered equal. If you are a girl or boy who thinks that's not right, then too bad! This is very sexist and whoever made this list, I have a message for you: go and make a list that's worth looking that. I'm truly truly truly disappointed in you, whoever made this list. And it makes me so angry when men say this to women: "you can't do anything you worthless lump! " Same with women! Be nice women! Be nice men! Or there are gonna be some changes around here!


This list is just sexist. Whoever made this, I really don't like you. If it wasn't for women, no one would be here. Women had no rights yet they still accomplished a lot of things. I have this book at my house and it has 200 women in it who did something amazing. Anyone that thinks men are better then women, why don't you think about those millions of women having kids. Any womengirls who feel offended by this, Don't be. There's a ton of people on your side, trust me.

Women who are offended by this don't be I am a male and am not offended by men being on the list. Or you can prove that stereotype that every women is a whiny little girl? by the way if you think women should be ahead of men on this list automatically without a list ya SEXIST.

Mother of all the mothers, SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI. A Great Mother of all mankind. Extremely loving, compassionate Guru who has embraced every one equally and worked hard day and night for the emancipation of this world. All those who were touched by Her tender Love and Purity were completely transformed forever. In Her we have seen the Wisdom and Love of all the Incarnations, Prophets and Saints. She has given Self-Realisation to all those who were ardently seeking The Divine.
For Her we are not Hindus or Muslims Or Sikhs Or Christians but only Her own chilren waiting to be comforted, counciled and redeemed forever.
The founder of Sahaj Yoga Meditation, She is a Great Power of Love and only Love.

This list is confusing and a little bit sexist. I really think people shouldn't favor men and women. Sure men accomplished more, (and made better music that's for sure. I'm looking at you Queen, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, ext. ) but we are equal. The world wouldn't be the same without man OR women. So we're all equal.

Funny People

Screw the insulting racist jokes. a funny friend is my best friend!

Funny people are entertaining

Meh I am those kinds of people I am kind and funny :P

I’m kind and funny

Happy People

Happy people are very helpful.

I actually saw "Harry Potter"...

Happy people have good vibes

HAPPY HAPPY. I can change almost anything into happy stuffs.

Old Man

Old people has many experiences from this world.

This list is kinda confusing and sexist.

I will one day be old man maybe

It's elderly. old men and woman are equal. or they should be

Loyal People

Loyal people are trustworthy and would be by your side forever

You should vote for virtues, not for sex. Idiots


All the boys I know are insensitive jerks - they only care about two things: themselves and football/basketball. I don't know if all boys are like that, but most 10-year-old boys are like that. They annoy me so much sometimes.

I am a boy. I'm not like the rest. Most boys I see fool around, fight all day. They are very selfish. I would sacrifice myself just for a couple people to live. However, most boys wouldn't do this.

Boys can be rude and loud, but someday they will be mature enough to serve our nation.

I'm a girl but act more like how people are describing boys

Positive People

Positive have good vibes and good energy around them

Generous People

They are the best type of people.People who are generous have a heart of gold.

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Good People

Well,good people are good so they'll always treat you right and they are trust worthy

Who help every one is good peopel


(to the person who made this list or the one who added this) Are you sure you're talking about female canines and female otters (yes, that is also a name for female otters), because this is talking about people. That entry could be number one for worst or most aggravating types of people.

Nah! They're not good. Women, however are awesome!

Of course I love them! (referring to dogs)

They are great because I'm a pervert! Ha Ha Ha...


Only the Buddha said, love to all humans, all creatures, live with peace, don't hate anybody, live with quality and equality, Buddha means enlightenment, way of life, peace, harmony.
From Kamlesh Ahir

Teaches to human only, not to follow himself like others.

Known for peaceful and Brotherhood nature

We all are human being


Most gamers shame people for liking stuff that aren't video games. And then, there's those nutjobs who shame people for playing on console instead of pc.

Gamers are fun people who are cool and are nice to hang out with

so cool

Gamers have the best sense of humor...

screw comedians, I think the super mario maker (uhh... makers? ) are WAY more funnier.


It gets confusing because some kids are good like me (at least I like to think I am) but others can be evil. I once heard an 11 YO killed a toddler just because he saw it on a video game - Unnamed Google User Remade

Sadly some people take advantage of their innocence...

Kids are the best! They should be higher on this list.

Kids are the best because they are very awesome.

Cat Ladies
Respectful People

Respect is one of the best traits to have. This is the key to world peace.

Respectful people are polite and care about people around them.They have love written their foreheads :)

Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w.w) is the most respectful man in the world

Upstate New Yorkers

Many people in the city say we are all farms, Guess what. That's a lie. We have plenty of decent size cities like Albany, Syracuse and Rochester we are really caring people too. We help other people when they do need it

Anybody from nyc is a sociopathic narrsistic.


I'm over 50 years old now and all I can say is " You are young once, get the best of it because it's over more quickly than you can imagine ". Everybody was young once but I know a lot of adults who are old and boring already at 18 years old! Don't be that way!

They're pretty stupid, but they're not dumb at all. I can't wait until next year when I'm officially a teenager. They're so fascinating. They are really fun and have a great sense of humor.

It is both the best and worst point in life. At first, you're filled with questions, anxiety, and uncertainty. But by the end, you figure out who you really should be.

Great like everyone else though I wish they'd be more mature! I'm sick of people screaming and shoving each other over, etc. But that's just the kids from my classes.

Marilyn Manson Haters

What would virgins do with out them

TAKE THIS OFF THE LIST! THESE KIND OF PEOPLE ARE AWFUL AND STUPID! And also, why would anyone need prostitutes? To wastefully sacrifice their virginity? Virginity is such a precious thing (I'm not at all religious though).

worst people in the world, along with dominatrixes.


I'm a girl, but I don't really act like it sometimes. Not saying I act like a boy either though...

How are women second? They give men life

Girls too, will be very useful.

Some of them are totally sexy

People Who Only Care About Themselves

So unselfish

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