Greatest Types of People of All Time

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41 Worker
42 Heavy Metal Artists

These artists have real talent. - METABOLICA

43 Tomboys

Tomboys are more cooler than a girly girl would EVER try to be.



44 Nature Lovers

They are the only people who care for the planet where they live. Without nature nobody could live on this planet.

45 Prophets
46 Turkish

Turkish delight. enough said

47 Christians V 1 Comment
48 Geniuses V 1 Comment
49 Neanderthals
50 Politicians
51 Soldiers

Soldiers are heroes. They fight and sometimes die for their country. They are some of the bravest people on earth. Whoever said they are bad people should take what I just said into consideration and think about how they fight to defend their country.

Agreed, this should definitely be higher. Military families go through a lot being apart as often as they are. Nobody makes a greater sacrifice for their country.

This should be the first one,some soldiers died saving our lives and you people care for men! how come? what if a man was bad


52 LaVeyan Satanists
53 Justin Bieber Haters
54 Aquarius People

They are smart,witty,they are the ones likely to save the world,very friendly and humanitarians

55 Republicans V 1 Comment
56 Nurses

Underrated people, my sister is gonna be one. - Skullkid755

57 Obama Haters

I guess if you were a fan of bin Laden then hating Obama would be cool.

I don't think Obama haters are good people, as I find that most of them are liars.

58 Hispanics
59 Horny V 2 Comments
60 Scientists

Bless your heart, whoever put this on here. Scientists take so much crap nowadays for telling the truth about climate change. I think that scientists, maybe more so than any other group of people, are always looking for ways to make our world better...

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