Greatest UEFA Euro 2012 Goals

So, let's vote the most beautiful goals from this great tournament.

The Top Ten

1 Ibrahimović (Sweden) for 1-0 in Sweden - France (2-0)

The timing of the shot combined with the precision of the finish makes this goal of the tournament for me...

Ibrahimovic ended Sweden's adventures here with a stunning goal - MatrixGuy

Bruce Lee would for sure add this goal as his number 1

Excellent, the most beautiful goal I have ever seen. Thanks to Zlatan (actullay Sultan)

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2 Welbeck (England) for 2-3 in Sweden – England (2-3)

Amazing Backheel goal for Danny Welbeck - MatrixGuy

3 Balotelli (Italy) for 2-0 in Italy - Republic of Ireland (2-0)
4 Cr. Ronaldo (Portugal) for 0-1 in Czech Republic - Portugal (0-1)

Great header from the Real Madrid striker - MatrixGuy

5 Khedira (Germany) for 2-1 in Germany - Greece (4-2)

Khedira made 2-1 for Germany and we knew that this is the end for the 2004 champions - MatrixGuy

6 Van der Vaart (Netherlands) for 0-1 in Portugal - Netherlands (2-1)

Netherlands made some hopes with this leading goal but eventually ended 2-1 for Portugal - MatrixGuy

7 Reus (Germany) for 4-1 in Germany - Greece (4-2)
8 Silva (Spain) for 2-0 in Spain - Ireland (4-0)

Silva made what he wanted with the Ireland defense and then he scored - MatrixGuy

9 Lewandowski (Poland) for 1-0 in Poland - Greece (1-1)

Lewandowski's superb header was the opening goal for this tournament - MatrixGuy

10 Ménez (France) for 0-1 in Ukraine - France (0-2)
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