Top Ten Greatest Undisputed Characters

A list of the Movie series Undisputed, the greatest characters.

The Top Ten

1 Yuri Boyko

He is the ultimate Russian fighter. He is so complete. He is definitely UNDISPUTED!

Good leg, bad leg, no leg Boyko is the best fight especially when he is angry.

The Most Complete Fighter in the World - roblist

Greatest fighter and if in the first fight in undisputed 2 against George Chambers he would have whooped his ass the only reason Chambers beat him in the final fight was because Crot trained him

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2 George Iceman Chambers

The ultimate boxer, he beat Boyko in II, he is just a great!

he is the greatest boxer of all time

He beat Boyko and almost made him a cripple - roblist

3 Turbo

He has good boxing skills and can block pretty good, and if you notice in his fight, he never got beaten down or anything, not like Yuri Boyka, this man will kill all! GOD Bless America!

A fighter in Undisputed III representing the USA is a pretty good fighter - roblist

Turbo is a mad fighter he will destroy Boyka and everyone on this list! Except maybe IceMan

The charachter from USA in the 3rd movie... He's a very good fighter...

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4 Munroe Hutchen

The best character, he whooped Iceman's butt in the first one. Wesley Snipes plays the part brilliantly

The winner of the fight in Undisputed 1 and the Prison Champ undefeated - roblist

5 Gaga

All he cares about is his money and he will do anything to get it, you shouldn't get in the way of Gaga and his money - roblist

he is so greedy, and he will do anything for money like his quote: "Im only for the money" - robertoantonioortuso

His greed overcomes him, he is one of the greediest persons in history! He is also extremely funny

He is a very interesting character, he uses dirty tactics to get what he wants (*MONEY*)

6 Raul Quinones

The favourite in Undisputed 3 tournament, is being drugged to have a better advantage over his opponents - roblist

he's a bad ass we call him the pain the torture by the way he can beat boyka

Great villain! - CedreticFomento

7 Farnetti

The fat Italian Mafia guy in number 3 who is betting for Turbo to win in the tournament - roblist

8 Crot

The crippled guy in no. 2 who trains Iceman to master kicking and grapples that are popular in the Illegal MMA - roblist

9 Mendy Ripstein

The Mafia guy in Undisputed 1 and organizes the match between Iceman and Munroe also a massive boxing fanatic tactician - roblist

10 Koshimar

Really good

The Contenders

11 Igor Kazimir
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