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1 Joe Carter Game 6 1993 Blue Jays

even the announcer didn't think it was gone but it barley got over the wall for the greatest moment in canadian baseball history - proxYgen

because toronto may never win a world series again. and it was huge for canadian baseball


2 Kirk Gibson - 1988 Hits Walk off Home Run to Win World Series

Underdog team at home best city in world. Injured Gibson comes in to do the hardes thing in baseball pinch hit and sends it over right field wall like Vin said I can't believe it its gone

I have a great Vin Scully impression

This is first
For sure
No doubt

3 Scott Podsednik White Sox Game 2 2005 World Series

I still feel that chill going down my spine from that magical moment - crazyeyes56

4 Derek Jeter-2001 Game 4 (Mr. November)

Jeter's shot in the 11th inning looked like it was going to go out of the park. Jeter roped it to right field and it just got over the right-field fence. I like that Jeter became "Mr. November" for his ability to hit the first November home run in MLB history.

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5 David Ortiz-2004 ALDS

Greatest hitter since ted Williams

Best walk off

6 Aaron Boon-2003 ALCS Game 7
7 Magglio Ordonez-2006 ALCS Game 4
8 Alex Rodriguez-2007 Walk of grand slam ties all time record for walk off grand slams
9 Carlton Fisk - Stay Fair!

The whole stadium was watching that ball sail foul then come back into fair territory!

I still remember that moment

That was an amazing moment

10 Bill Mazeroski - 1960 World Series

Should be #1 no doubt. The ONLY world series game 7 EVER to end on a walk off home run! Joe carters was great but this is a game 7. People forget about this since it was in 1960.

Greatest moment in world series history - by far the most amazing moment.

I hated that moment because I'm a huge Yankees fan. - TheLister

Number 1

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11 Harold Baines-1984 Ends longest game in MLB history (25 innings)
12 Bobby Thomson - Shot Heard 'Round the World
13 David Freese - 2011 World Series Game 6

The 2011 season of the saint Louis cardinals was a true underdog year. They just barely grabbed the wild card over the Braves beat the Phillies, beat their biggest threat all year the Brewers; and in the World Series versus the Rangers it seemed as if they were gonna win but Freese hit that amazing walk off in game 6 and then win. That was an amazing moment

Most memorable game in baseball for me. Joe Carter and Kirk Gibson homers were memorable but there was something magical about that game with the Cards and Rangers. No way the Cards should have won that series but there was no stopping them after the Game 6 win.

After the game coming down to 1 strike twice, he tied it, then won it.

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14 Jim Thome-2007 Walk off shot also 500th of career. Only plaer to ever hit 500th career homer for a walk off shot
15 Kirby Puckett 1991 World Series

The twins wouldn't have gone to game 7 and won the series

16 Roger Connor- 1881 Troy Trojans- Hits first grand slam in major league history for a 8-7 win
17 Reggie Jackson 1977 World Series
18 Nelson Cruz Walk-Off Grand Slam 2011 ALCS Game 2
19 Caleb Gindl - 2013 Walk off home run & first home run of his career
20 Jayson Werth - 2012 Game 4 of NLDS

How bout Werth's celebration. Slamming down the helmet

21 Tony Pena - 1995 ALDS, Game1

Indians beat Red Sox; Pena's jack was a sight to behold. - tribe95

22 Jose Bautista ALDS Game 5 2015
23 Evan Longoria Rays win 2011 Wild Card after being far behind Boston
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