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21 Israeli Commandos

Israeli commandos are very well trained and they employ krav maga to tear their enemies apart. Israel has the most efficient army in the world even if it is not a very large one. Krav maga is ruthless.

22 French Foreign Legion
23 Celts
24 Yakuza
25 Indian Rajput

No one can stand up against a man who fights for honor...For respect...Willing to go to any extent for the protection of his motherland..

Rajputs meaning in English son of king.. They also known as kshatriya...
Rajputs give their blood for the country..
Without rajput there is no history of India...

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26 British SAS
27 Persian Immortal
28 KGB

The Soviet secret spy agency that gained prominance during the Cold War.

29 Cowboy

They fought drought sand storms cattle rustlers and Indians. They slept on the ground. Sometimes had cold coffee and cold food. Proficient with handgun, rifle, and knives.

30 Zulu

Put up a fair fight against British Gatling guns with spears and shields

31 Luftwaffe
32 Maori Warrior

Brute strength + Deadly weapons = MAORI WARRIOR

33 The Gorkhali

The warriors from country of Himalayas (NEPAL), Gorkhas are known as bravest warriors of the world.

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34 U.S. Marines
35 Polish Hussars
36 Shaolin Monk

Shaolin monks are the best warriors they fought with love and compassion to protect the country

37 Gestapo
38 Kriegsmarine
39 Somali Pirates
40 Huns
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