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1 Here I Go Again

this is the best song in the whole world!

A song! Too keep you going in your youth

This song is Old School

It is one inspiring song. Everyone can relate to it and you cannot help but sing along. On my top 10 list!

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2 Still of the Night

Still of the night is better then Here I go again. Just saying

This is just the best riff of Whitesnake

Fun Fact:

That violin part is the guitarist using a bow on his guitar!

This song kicks ass!

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3 Is This Love

This song has the most meaning of any of their songs. I mean.. their an incredible band, but I value this song mostly. It can help even describe what life is like when your in love.

My favorite WS song: yes, I love the Coverdale's ballads, for me in those songs David express his voice at its best, much better than is "Babe, babe, babe" (that, frankly, seems a second Robert Plant). If you want the best WS solo, well, Crying in the rain!

Is this love? We all have wondered this at least once in a life time. I always get teary when I sing this song.

One of the most powerfully true ballads ever! Literally a moving song. Whenever I hear this song, it actually produces a feeling of uplifting emotions. One to cherish.

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4 Fool for Your Loving

variety of sound tempo range of everything in song

The best song for fools who have loved. I'm one of them too. This song rocks.

Exelant makes you look

5 Crying in the Rain

Love this song can't believe it's not even in top ten

This had a lot of rock to it. The range of his voice was great - Thesaintrob

Killer riff, vocals and everything else. 10/10 from me. - Metal_Treasure

Extanded vocal range, insane guitar solo, fast and furious drums at the end. A masterpiece.

6 Love Ain't No Stranger

This is by far the coolest of their songs. Its riff is a total classic! The vocals are awesome, the lyrics are cool.

Lyrics are so good and the song means a lot to me, to me it's one whitesnakes classics

The best of caverdale

One of the best songs Whitesnake ever made!

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7 Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City

I just love this one, it touches my heart! Remind me of a very special person who made me love Whitesnake! I'm listening them right now!

Remind me the old school days. It was awesome.. Words can't describe. Jamming together with friends and so on. Love whitesnake.
Unforgettable memories

8 Slow An' Easy

I do love the top 4 but this song has become a new favorite. It just put you in a trance, listening to it.

The best strip club song of all time

This song and many of Whitesnake songs can be played during love making, very erotic

Erotic, blunt and suggestive. My fave; just have to crank up the volume when I hear it!

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9 Give Me All Your Love

One of their best lively songs! Coverdale's voice and vocal range are impressive

Another Great & Sexy Coverdale song!

10 Don't Break My Heart Again

British blues-based rock doesn't get much better than this

Really Love Davids Vocals on this tune

The best song in Whitesnake's blues-rock era...

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11 The Deeper the Love

Awesome song, great lyrics, great tempo. Song writing at its best. Love the feel to this song and great vocals by Coverdale. Lots of emotion!

Legendary heartfelt track, capped with the soulful lungs of Coverdale.

One of the most emotional songs ever written in Hard/Heavy music

My favourite song for Whitesnake... It has the strongest feels in it

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12 Slide It In

The guitar and drums in this song are killer, a must for a whitesnake fan

13 Now You're Gone

Even though Still of the Night, Here I go again, and Is This Love are fantastic and some of my favorites, Now You're Gone just does it for me. So good.

Best whitesnake song with the best guitar player of the world
I just love Steve Vai!

14 Looking for Love

The lyrics not just touches but steals your heart

The solo is so heartfelt, its just beautiful in every way

15 Standing In the Shadow

I honestly could not pick a favorite Whitesnake song-they have so many good songs! I love Standing in the Shadow though, and is in my top 3 favorite songs by them (which I really couldn't choose between), and voted for this because I feel that this is far too low on the list for such a good song! If you have not heard this song, please listen to it! I think you will find it to be a great rock song you will want to hear again. - Element119

Too many people standing in the shadow of love, but too few people appreciating the qualities of this song...

16 You're Gonna Break My Heart Again
17 Love to Keep You Warm
18 Ready An' Willing

You should be always ready an willing for love

This is an amazing hard rock song. One of Whitesnake's top 15 for shure! Great guitar riff and the solo is perfect! And vocals are just stunning as always.

19 Judgement Day

One of the band's most epic songs. Jeez... This is real heavy metal! Why so low on this list?

Best whitesnake. Song is a standout among the rest.

Very underrated song, cool groove.

They have so many great songs that I couldn't decided which one I should pick. I've voted "Still of the night" but "Judgement Day" is one of my favourites too... Shame that I can only vote ones...

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20 All or Nothing

I have just discovered this song in the slide it in album and this song is a little gem, it is so good, I am very impressed about the energy of coverdale and the music, the chorus of this song. This is a terrific energetic song. A true gem.

I Adore This Song - Much! Viva Whitesnake <3 Its Very Awesome, Great Lyrics, Great Music, Such An Awesome TRACK

21 Give Me More Time
22 Walking in the Shadow of the Blues

Fantastic song. "I love the blues, they tell my story" indeed.

I wish they'd done more like this. Pure blues. Beautiful.

23 Straight for the Heart
24 Wine, Women An' Song

One of the best rock n roll songs ever

25 Guilty of Love

This song is not one of cliche ones that everyone knows. You can't say that you like one of those and claim to be a whitesnake fan. This song almost summarizes their music. All of the songs are amazing but this one definitely deserves top 10.

Definitely should be higher, a very catch chorus within what is really rocking tune with some good riffs added to mix.

26 You 'N' Me
27 Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
28 Forevermore

Led Zeppelin have stairway to heaven, guns n roses have November rain, deep purple have child in time, Bon jovi have dry country... Whitesnake have forevermore!

This is the most beautiful song ever.

A beautiful song and great solo.

Just amazing

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29 Sailing Ships

Best song

30 Slip of the Tongue
31 Help Me Thro' the Day

The best sadness feeling

32 Mean Business
33 Bad Boys

What?!? 42? Funny, it's made every play list since 1987... just saying.

34 Nighthawk (Vampire Blues)
35 Children of the Night
36 Medicine Man

Wow what a delightful sleazy blues rocker.

37 Outlaw
38 Sweet Lady Luck
39 Love Will Set You Free

My favorite one

Incredible song! Really great guitar participation. One of the best vocals of Coverdale.

40 Wings of the Storm
41 Bloody Mary
42 Spit It Out
43 Till the Day I Die
44 Trouble

Great song, another great from white snake

45 We Wish You Well
46 Long Way From Home
47 Lay Down Your Love
48 Take Me With You
49 Don't Turn Away

Honestly deserves to be higher than 58th. - Element119

50 Gambler
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