Greatest World War 2 Rifles


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1 M1 Garand

Revolutionary rifle, semi-auto firepower gave it a major advantage in the field, best weapon of all time in my opinion.

Good shooter, but a little heavy to carry around by a tired and famished soldier.

The top rifle. It was semi-automatic ( 8round clip) and literally showed no "mercy"...!

Greatest battle implement ever devised

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2 Gewher 43

Good weapon, sad that the Germans didn't mass produce it and used the kar98k instead.

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3 Browning Automatic Rifle / BAR

Hard hitter and good range

4 Arisaka

Compared to a M1 Garand this is no match, Arisaka is Bolt - Action Rifle, M1 is Semi - Auto.

Its not even close to the m1 but at lest it's a rifle and not an SMG like most of these on this lisr

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5 Thompson M1A1

I would vote for it but...ITS NOT A RIFLE It's A SMG

One of the greatest guns, you can even attach a barrel

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6 Lee Enfield Smle No.4
7 PTRS-41 V 1 Comment
8 Springfield

This is the coolest sniper of WWII - Razor79

9 Mosin Nagat

I chose this rifle because I have read much about these rifles. I seamed to discover that the mosin nagant sharp shooters had a lot of sucsess.

There, you take Mosin. It is good rifle. You will kill the Germans with it.

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10 M1 Carbine

Light good in the brush, good for jumping with

The Contenders

11 STV-40
12 MP44

The grandaddy of all assault rifles. The project was rejected by Hitler (-_-) but continued as a secret. Also, is the Thompson really a rifle?

It was the first assault rifle ever. And the Germans made it so it has to be good.

Its not an assault rifle it's a smg

13 Lee-Enfield

Fastest bolt action allowed high rate of fire (30 rounds per minute). Combined with a ten round clip, this rifle had amazing firepower

Battle tested reliably.

Good sights and excellent accuracy.

I vote for Lee Enfield because it is a very good weapon. the russians used the mosin nagant a very good sniper Vasilij zajtzev used it but I like the Enfield more.

Classic rifle and everlasting. Still used today in many countries.

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14 Mauser Kar98k
15 Krag Jørgensen V 1 Comment
16 PTRD Anti-Tank Rifle

Obliterated anything it hit

17 M3
18 Ppsh-41 V 2 Comments
19 STG 44
20 M1919
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