Greatest World War 2 Rifles


The Top Ten

1 M1 Garand

Revolutionary rifle, semi-auto firepower gave it a major advantage in the field, best weapon of all time in my opinion.

Good shooter, but a little heavy to carry around by a tired and famished soldier.

The top rifle. It was semi-automatic ( 8round clip) and literally showed no "mercy"...!

Devastating gun.It's ammo show no mercy to enemy.Very unique gun.Best used for raid.It has high accuracy and good realibility.This gun ringing sound are very sastifying to hear.

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2 Gewher 43

Good weapon, sad that the Germans didn't mass produce it and used the kar98k instead.

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3 Browning Automatic Rifle / BAR

Hard hitter and good range

4 Arisaka

Compared to a M1 Garand this is no match, Arisaka is Bolt - Action Rifle, M1 is Semi - Auto.

Its not even close to the m1 but at lest it's a rifle and not an SMG like most of these on this lisr

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5 Lee Enfield Smle No.4
6 Thompson M1A1

I would vote for it but...ITS NOT A RIFLE It's A SMG

One of the greatest guns, you can even attach a barrel

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7 PTRS-41


8 Springfield

This is the coolest sniper of WWII - Razor79

9 Mosin Nagat

I chose this rifle because I have read much about these rifles. I seamed to discover that the mosin nagant sharp shooters had a lot of sucsess.

There, you take Mosin. It is good rifle. You will kill the Germans with it.

Soviet snipers were the best during ww2

What's a mosin naga_t

10 M1 Carbine

Light good in the brush, good for jumping with

The Contenders

11 STV-40
12 MP44

The grandaddy of all assault rifles. The project was rejected by Hitler (-_-) but continued as a secret. Also, is the Thompson really a rifle?

It was the first assault rifle ever. And the Germans made it so it has to be good.

Its not an assault rifle it's a smg

Great assault rifle.

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13 Mauser Kar98k
14 Lee-Enfield

Fastest bolt action allowed high rate of fire (30 rounds per minute). Combined with a ten round clip, this rifle had amazing firepower

Battle tested reliably.

Good sights and excellent accuracy.

I vote for Lee Enfield because it is a very good weapon. the russians used the mosin nagant a very good sniper Vasilij zajtzev used it but I like the Enfield more.

Classic rifle and everlasting. Still used today in many countries.

The first rifle to have a 10 round clip. - aeromaxx777

15 Krag Jørgensen

A nice ww2 rifle

16 PTRD Anti-Tank Rifle

Obliterated anything it hit

17 M3
18 Ppsh-41

Not even a rifle

3/4 of these arnt rifles

19 Bren LMG

The Bren Gun, usually called simply the Bren,
Was a series of light machine guns adopted by
Britain in the 1930s and used in various roles
Until 1992(! ). It could also be used as an effective AA gun and was mounted on many vehicles in WW2. For me it is the best rifle in the whole war.

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20 STG 44
21 MG42
22 MG 34
23 M1919
24 M2. 50. Cal
25 Sten Mk. II
26 M1911
27 MP 28
28 Mouser C96
29 Carcano
30 KP 41 (Finnish SMG)

I like it's design kinda looks like the mp40 to me.

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