John Cena

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John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. (/ˈsiːnə/; born April 23, 1977) is an American professional wrestler, rapper, actor, and reality television show host signed to WWE, where he is assigned to the SmackDown brand. more.


John Cena can beat rock, undertaker, batista, triple h, stone gold

He is one of the greatest superstar in wwe, I say this cause I have never see him frightened, I have seen him playing false game, I have never seen him giving up, I have seen him without crowd, I have never seen without sportsmen spirit all the more I see him as soldier of all the time...

He won 2008's Royal Rumble defeated so many times,10 time WWE champion defeated brock lesnar, to time superstar of the year - tapy_dee7

Without a doubt, the best WWE Superstar of all time. No one can move a crowd like Cena can. There's something about this guy that gets everyone hyped up. He's been in countless great matches and seems to always get his hands on a championship belt. Cena has my vote for number 1. You can't see me!

I LOVE John Cena. I started to cry when he said: "Tonight I leave the WWE, " But I stopped crying when he said: "for 4-6 weeks." I think John should be number 1 without a hint of a doubt. THE CHAMP IS HERE!

I can see this list (like most others) has been posted by someone fairly young. You are forgetting some of the greats like Bruno Sammartino who held the champion ship for how many years? Then you have Ivan Koloff who was a great wrestler. Don't forget the likes of Gorilla Monsoon, Waldo Von Erich, and even Big Jon Studd. Yes, they were some great wrestlers that you probably never watched. All of wrestling is fake as we all know (those with intelligence), we also know wrestlers are rated by their popularity.

John Cena deserves to be number 1... Did you see how he kept trying to pick up henry... He fell twice or thrice but finally he was able to give an attitude adjustment...

Cena should be number 1 he is a 10 time WWE champion he beat The Undertaker and he has beat all the greats including shawn michels stone cold the rock and The Undertaker and he is the best in the world he never gives up and can kick out of anybody's finisher

Cena is the King. He has defeated many superstars and has won 2 Royal Rumbles. He was the current World Heavyweight Champion but Randy Orton defeated him in TLC 2013 to steal the championship.

Bcoz of his never-say-die attitude.

A very good wrestler, I appreciate all that he has done to get where he is today, even though I prefer Undertaker & Stone cold as a wrestler, there is no other wrestler that I have as much respect for as John Cena, that is why he's at 3

Lets go cena few more years on one corner you have your loyals and your never gave up motto you will be greatest

John cena is best he is 2nd greatest wwe wrestler of all time he is best in raw and smack down and strongest wwe wrestler of all time 2nd most popular and famous wwe wrestler he is my favirote wwe wrestler I disagree with his rank he should be number 1 but he is no.2 John cena is very friendly and proud of him self he is actually better than undertaker he defeated him in 2012 and won the match I really love John cena very much he stays in Dallas he is number 1 wwe wrestler of all time

John Cena is a living legend, one of the greatest and the most resilient WWE Superstars of all time.

He is the best guy I have ever seen in my life with hustle, loyalty and respect. at wrestlemania 29 he beats the rock with respect for wwe championship.

Best in the world cena never give cena please

John cena is the face of the wwe, no one is better than him, no one has a charming response from wwe universe like him, he is a respectable guy and a incredible individual

I AGREE John Cena is the best superstar of all time that's a fact and I also have three words for them John Cena fans 1. Hustle 2. Loyalty oh that's right that's only 2 3. Respect

My hero has been John for as long as I can remember. He is one of the best people in the country. He has done everything for his country. He is the hero of many. - LokiLaufeyson2000

The Undertaker doesn't know failure. John Cena knows everything. 11 time WWE champ
The Champ Is Here!

He is the best no one can say nothing about john because he has won everything there is 2 win. Now he must just face undertaker in wrestlemania

He gives the best entrance and has the best song for him and he inspires me so much first he takes the beating then he gives back what he got from his opponent with all the extra due

He is the best in the world and he is the awesome and the most important that it is he is never give up

John Cena is the guy in WWE I had never seen it before the he is respectful to one another he wins the heart of everybody he is really never give up man my greatest of all time

Wait a minute Cena Fan Boys, you guys are telling that he beat everyone and nobody can beat him. But everyone beat Cena too!