Triple H

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Paul Michael Levesque, better known by his ring name Triple H, is an American semi-retired professional wrestler, corporate executive, and actor.


Triple h was a an icon he never will be now because he won't be remembered as the game king of kings and cerebral assassin he will be remembered as a corporate sellout like kane rollins and big show. He cheated and tormented Daniel bryan for a year he even attacks his own referees like at survivor series and he turned his back on randy orton and ric flair. He
Thinks he can beat sting is hhh serious tripleh is afraid of hops life of sting he thinks he is the man he just wants to be another since mcmahon
Triple h always hides behind kane and the big show especially his own wife stephanie. he hired the shield to protect him because he was afraid of hops life of everyone

The Diamond of wwe is HHH. Anybody that wrestle HHH at Mania became Successful in their Career ASK CENA, Batista, Orton. -

Triple H is very good. He has 16 world championships, the second highest. He was close defeating The Undertaker's streak in Wrestlemania 27 and 28.

Hunter for WWE is like what Michael Jordan is for basketball, he holds the business together and I know people think he might be a corporate sell out but just look at his achievements, leader of, leader of evolution and he is involved in everything that happens in the business unlike Hollowood superstars that come and go he stays in the company. Triple H is the biggest ass kicker in the history of WWE just remember those days when he chased orton with a sleedge hammer and gave The Undertaker a beating at wrestlemania that no other superstar could have done, he completly dominated The Undertaker.He is getting older and he is the COO of the WWE so I wouldn't be surprised if he is considered to be a sellout, but we need to respect that man.

Triple h is awesome he has a fun side he has a mad side he is a family guy he is an eight time wwe champion twelve time world heavy weight champion he has been an undisputed champion and the greatest wreastler in the wwe there is no wwe with out triple h thank you - future

The reason I got into WWE! I know he isn't the greatest of all time, but he is in my heart! Bret can say what he wants but the fact of the matter is Triple H is 200x better than what Bret says he is. People who say his career was amazing due to marrying Stephanie are wrong. He was a 7-time champion before marrying Stephanie. I will cry when he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame, but not 'cry' cry. I'll be crying tears of joy!

The King Of kings still better than john cena and 619

All of the greats have bowed down to The King Of Kings.

bCOZ he has won many titles and bcoz of Pedigree.

Beat stonecold, the rock more times. Cena and triple h are even in matches. Triple h can beat the undertaker. He is the cerebral assassin. He also beat the legend sting and hulk hogan. This guy has beaten ever legend out there

Who think that he is not the best player they can mess with their mother

He has defeated every single superstar of his time

He is awesome wrestler. He win royal rumble 2002

He is my favorite superstars of all time. Nobody can defeat him even rko, John Cena. If he will do little bit of fighting practis he can defeat undertaker at wrestlemania

There is no way triple HGH is better than bret hart not even a top ten guy first of all he is the biggest brown noser in wrestling point in question married the boses daughter an obvious roid addict and a bad promoter

Piss on your 2 inch penis instead of people

Triple h is a very bad wrestler. He broke the nose of roman reigns and says he will bring tears,blood and sweat to road to wrestlemania. Roman reigns will break him

He is simpl the king he made hbk he made or ton he made Batista and for that reason he is simply the best and that's why he's the coo of the WWE

Triple H is become WWE world champion. I become shock! In royal rumble 2016

The cerebral assassin, king of kings and the game are just some of the names to the legendary body builder. Triple H has been a force in the WWE since the late 90s and was the leader of and evolution. He became known for using sledgehammers and pedigreeing people to death. He won the world title many times and headlined several wrestlemanias. He was the 2002 royal rumble winner and he is married to stephanie mcmahon.

The man who dominate WWE industry the King of kings is about to be the greatest wrestler by winning the championship again The when he sledges his opponent the game is our But his game on come on rock "Mr.Game"

Remember the dgenerationx. It was the main part of attitude era. No one can be hell raisin lik the dxhhh and hbk. Man what a duo they r!. Cena doesn't deserve to be in number 1. He doesn't fit for heel storylines. But take hhh he can do both of them in an awesome manner. An just take a luk at the past two years how amazing WWE has become. Everything has been change by this guy. He is heavily involve in the functioning of WWE. This guyichoses WWE talents. That's his work. He knows how to make more money for WWE. Not only he is an awesome player but also a hard-working guy who breaths eats sleeps this business

He had also done great things
Showed great power... dominence with undertaker in wrestlemania

People say... he wins because of his wife s power...He won all his 14 WWE world heavyweight champ titles legally... People say...he uses weapons...
He had great performances at royal rumbles and uses weapons only after he dominates the opponent first and many of his matches were won by him without weapons...and use of weapons is legal. He has best moves...Pedigree, Spinebuster, Indian Deathlock, Figure 4 and so many more. He gave so much entertainment and showed that wrestling can be comedy through. Worked for WWE,and he still is working. Thank u HHH, for all you have done, and for all you are doing.

8 times WWE champion
5 times world heavyweight champion
5 times intercontinetal champion
2002 Royal Rumble winner