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41 Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan (2 Out of 3 Falls Match)

I really enjoyed this match. I loved the stipulation of 2 out of 3 falls

Great match could have gone either way, but Sheamus was better.

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42 CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan (Over the Limit 2012)

no way was that the best match of 2012 undertaker vs h was so much better so was the shield vs team hell no and ryback I mean cm punk vs daniel bryon was very good but it wasnt the best

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43 Triple H vs Brock Lesnar (Summer Slam 2012)
44 The Shield vs Evolution - No Holds Barred Elimination 6-Man Tag Team Match (Payback 2014)

I loved this match

45 The Rock vs Mankind - I Quit Match (Royal Rumble 1999)

This match not only had an incredible buildup, it put Rock over as a heel BIG time. From the get go, Rock played dirty verbally insulting Mankind and striking him with chairshot after chairshot. The battle outside the ring was epic as well. This match had so much passion from Mankind cause he never had any quit in him. In fact, this match was so violent, Foleys wife had to leave due to the disturbance it caused her. Holy crap

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46 Team WWF vs Team Alliance (2001)

The Alliance are out of business! Shane and Stephanie McMahon are out of business! And Paul Heyman (commentator) is out of business! Because of Kurt Angle, The Alliance WCW/ECW are dead! The WWF wins! Stone Cold Steve Austin is gonna be back to the WWF. The Alliance members have to join the WWF! Kurt Angle is gonna be back to the WWF. until Triple H is coming back! The Rock is the WCW championship... known as the World championship! Shane McMahon walks out and returned in 2003 and had a feud with Kane! Stephanie McMahon apologizes what she did! and then security comes out and she got escorted! Later, Stone Cold Steve Austin attacks Kurt Angle what Angle did to Stone Cold!

Kurt Angle nailed Austin with his WWF title belt! The Rock pinned Austin and Team WWF wins the Survivor Series match! And celebrate with the People's champ! RIP ALLIANCE!

Why wasn't this match number one? This match saved WWF/E, and it was amazing match from start to finish!

The greatest 5 vs 5 match ever! - htoutlaws2012

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47 Randy Orton vs Christian (Over the Limit 2011)

Just simply awesome Viper all the way!

RKO... best feuds ever... Very underrated

Yes yes yes I should not say

Orton beats Christian in every thing

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48 Elimination Chamber 2012 for the WWE Championship

Super super super elimination chamber match of all time

49 Shield vs Wyatts (Elimination Chamber 2014)

Went to it live= Awesome and LOUD!

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50 Randy Orton vs Batista vs Daniel Bryan (WrestleMania XXX)

This match was good but nowhere near the best in history, I like Bryan too guys but he has the worst hardcore fans of any wrestler.

This is the best match in WWE history and Daniel career

YES! YES! YES! Best match in History. It will deserve to be in #1 Spot

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51 Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt (Royal Rumble 2014)

Their match at raw was good same as tribute to the troops but at the 2014 royal rumble was awesome one of the best matches ever

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52 John Cena vs CM Punk (Summarslam 2011)
53 Christian vs Randy Orton Summerslam 2011

Best summer match ever

54 Kurt Angle vs Undertaker (No Way Out 2006)

Clearly the match of the year. This is one of the most underrated matches in WWE history.

How is this not higher. Most underrated match in the history of the business. These 2 put on the best match I have ever seen and just an incredible finish and so intense. Why couldn't they have more matches in this era? This to me is the greatest match I have ever seen

55 Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker (Wrestlemania XXX)

If only during the match, Shawn Michaels came out and attacked brock lesnar and him and undertaker turned heel.

I never belive that lesnar break the streac this is the best match ever I was there at the wreastlemania xxx I see all the faces over there all the people were holding there head but it was amazing match Inew that he is going to win

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56 Cena vs Michaels Wrestlemania 23

Cena vs Michaels wrestlemania 23 was a epic classic match

57 CM Punk vs John Cena - WWE Championship (Night of Champions 2012)
58 John Cena vs CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio (Hell in a Cell 2011)

Other than the crazy ending the match wasn't that good. - htoutlaws2012

59 Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle (Royal Rumble 2003)

This is what wrestling is all about... This match had it all... Two of the best technical wrestlers of all time... Ultimate respect by the crowd in the end...

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60 Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero (Summer Slam 2005)

The GREATEST match between the two. This match was a rift in WWE history. It has changed the face of it.

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