Greatest Years for Queen

This list contains the years of sucessful tours, albums and singles ect and also their greatest years of the quality of music.

The Top Ten

1 1975

This was THE YEAR that took over the world!! And in a spiritual way Fred is still holding us all together.What would this planet be like if we never had the privledge of hearing such glorius music and thanks be to the creator we can still do so. Long live QUEEN. Oh and Fred if your reading this thank you I love you. - gerrywalsh

bohemian rhapsody. you're my best friend. I'm in love with my car. and brian may's electric guitar version of god save the queen.

Queen release A Night at the Opera (#1 UK), released Bohemian Rhapsody, one of the best selling songs of all time, Brillian Album too. - allqueen

1991 was a very bad year for Queen. Not their music-- Freddie died this year. They lost the greatest and most beloved member of the family.

2 1974

This was the year when Queen had the Sheer Heart Attack album which features my personal favorites Brighton Rock and Killer Queen - KillerQueen1774

Queen got their first hit, Queen II reached #5 in UK, Killer Queen reached #2 in the UK, Queen released Sheer Heart Attack which reached #2 in the UK and they released two outstanding albums and had a major world tour. - allqueen

3 1985

This is the year they did LIVE AID and this is also the year where they went KABOOM on everything! Sadly, this is also the year where Freddie found that he was HIV positive but he still carried on and that's what makes this year even greater is because Freddie seemed to be unaffected by it's deathly after effects. Sigh, he was truly the best.

Queen play Live Aid to the largest worldwide audience to date, re-vitalise the band and send their albums clogging up the album charts all over the world. - hillerbees

The year they did live aid! 20 minutes that changed music.

4 1977

News of the World, We Will Rock You and We are the Champions - allqueen

5 1991

I wish I could remember what album it was on, or even what song, but at one point Freddie says something to the effect of 'I'm gonna make my mark from the edge of the world, and before his death, the infinite 'they' knew his name from pole to pole. - Queen-aholic

Queen release Innuendo and many other singles and top the UK charts many times but Freddie Mercury Passed Away - allqueen

The only downside to this year was that Freddie crossed over. But Innuendo was fantastic.

6 1986

Queen release A Kind of Magic album and single soundtrack for the Film Highlander and Perform their last ever concert with mr. mercury - allqueen

They had the Greatest Concert Wembley 86'

7 1976

Queen release A Day at the Races and the singles You're My Best Friend and Somebody to Love. - allqueen

8 1980

Queen release The Game and have the hits Another One Bites the Dust ect and Break Records - allqueen

9 1984

The Works is my favorite album, so I'm biased. Love every year for them, but this has to be the best. - ObsessedwFreddie

Queen release The Works and Singles, I Want to Break Free, Radio Ga Ga... - allqueen

10 1973

Queen has one of the greatest debut albums ever. I love it! R.I.P. Freddy - gibsonrock53

Release their debut which was fantastic but did not chart at the time - allqueen

The Contenders

11 1989

Queen release The Miracle and singles I Want it All, Breakthru... - allqueen

12 2009
13 1979
14 1967
15 1995
16 1970

Freddie Joined the band - KillerQueen1774

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