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61 wiiviewr
62 LedZepPwnsBieber

I make a lot of great amputee videos, they're so funny, I laugh myself to tears, I love my videos so much.

63 Yogscast

They are awesome that they have over 1,000,000,000 views.

64 Dcigs

The king of prank calls as well as the angry back man.

65 Swoozie06

Such a creative and talented guy, his videos NEVER fail to make me laugh! He's also an awesome dancer and gamer too! Oh and not to mention he loves Disney!

66 Charlieissocoollike

The best British youtuber ever! He is so amazing! He is a great musician and a great internetainer. Some of my favorite videos are challenge Charlie, time travel, any music video, and doctor who. You just had the most imponderable joy fo learning about charlieissocoollike which makes you like cool!

67 AnimeUW

This channel provides a huge archive of underwater scenes in animes and cartoons.

68 Bratayley Bratayley

Awesome vloggers! Funny and fabulous! I have been following them for years and have never got fed up! With the funny childish humor and occasional adult joke they are a fun filled family for all ages!

A certain recommend!

I absolutely love them! Go give them some love!

69 Feathertho

You guys should look her up on here... Her username is Moldysock. -

70 JoeyGraceffaā€ˇ
71 SuperMarioGlitchy4

Greatest Hits include 99.5%crazy, Ssenmodnar, and the Guards and Retards series. This guy is hilarious (it your mature and crazy enough, according to his channel)! Why didn't anyone else put him on!?

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72 Mr.Remastering

Unfortunately, this channel got deleted about a year ago. But he was great. - IronSabbathPriest

73 mutanthillbillies17
74 VIB113
75 TayZonday
76 livelavalive
77 MakeMeBad35
78 VenetianPrincess
79 Dragon13304
80 xmasps3
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