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41 Precious and Grace
42 I Thank You

48? This one should be top 10 at least

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43 She's Just Killing Me
44 Velcro Fly

This song is great! Should be much higher on this list.

45 Can't Stop Rockin'

Great tune from start to finish'

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46 Squank

I think this is the best guitar playing ever

47 Neighbor, Neighbor

Same song as Going Down to Mexico?

48 Francine

Too low, top twenty at least.

49 Move Me On Down the Line
50 Sheik
51 I Got the Six

This tune is very energy-packed! And although short in duration, it boasts a great beat, awesome vocals and a pretty neat riff!

Pretty good vocals if you ask me. I really love that song, even if it's a bit too short for a typical rock song.

One of my personal favorites, without a doubt. Awesome lyrics and great beat. ZZ Top ROCKS!

52 Pincushion

Pretty heavy for ZZ Top. Great tune very memorable.

53 Just Got Back from Baby's
54 Apologies to Pearly
55 Down Brownie
56 Thug
57 Heard It On the X

Great tune should be top 20 at the very least!

Top twenty? This should be a top 10 pick.

58 Beatbox V 1 Comment
59 Rhythmeen
60 Over You
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