Top Ten Greek Goddesses That You Would Want to Be


The Top Ten

1 Athena (Goddess of Wisdom)

I am greek when we went to war we used to honor Athena not Ares

I would love to be her, and I'm a dude for Christ's sake. - Alpha101

2 Aphrodite (Goddess of Love)
3 Rhea (Goddess of Nature)
4 Gaia (Goddess of The Earth)
5 Antheia (Goddess of Flowers)
6 Cybele (Goddess of Mountains and Caverns)
7 Persephone (Goddess of The Spring Season)
8 Tyche (Goddess of Fortune)
9 Hebe (Goddess of Youth)

I would love to have total power over age. But I would only use it on others if they wanted me to.

10 Demeter (Goddess of Harvest)

The Contenders

11 Artemis (Goddess of Hunting)

Artemis is super cool

12 Astraea
13 Hera (Queen of the Gods & Goddesses)

I want to be Hera! She is the queen, and powerful. - Music_Lover123

14 Thetis (Goddess of the Sea)
15 Eris (Goddess of Discord)

I think it's so cool to have hate powers

16 Hecate (Goddess of the Underworld and Witchcraft)
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