Top Ten Greek Gods With the Best Powers


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1 Zeus

God that I like the most definitely Hades, powers that I want most? Zeus he pretty much has the whole doomsday explosion down pat, plus he has more charm than every politician combined if his list of consorts is anything to go by...

The only reason Poseidon is #1 on every God list is because of Percy Jackson, Zuess could wipe out humanity and destroy the world. If you had a master bolt and saw someone you didn't like? Bye bye! - ToptenPizza

Lightning is awesome, need I say more? And not just as a thing, but also as a metallics album Ride the Lightning - Songsta41

He's the lord of the sky

2 Poseidon

Poseidon has not only control over the waves of the ocean but also of Storms and Earthquakes! He is the Earth Shaker, King of the Sea, God of the Ocean! He is the father of Percy (the greatest demigod of all time). No one is better then Poseidon in the Greek God world!

His name means the earth shaker. He can create earthquakes. Not sure why the Greeks gave him that power, not sure what it has to do with the ocean. - ToptenPizza

Poseidon is the king of the greiana and because of his child cove he became more responsible for being a protector of the queen nelia(his wife).

Earthquakes cause the oceans to rise and consume the land. a hand in hand power if you ask me.

3 Hades

The other Gods could kill you, but Hades can doom you for eternity. He controls where you go, and send monsters at you! - ToptenPizza

4 Athena

Clever and creative, she can destroy anyone with her brain. My favorite goddess, because she is the wisest. However, she is arrogant... - ToptenPizza

She is so awesome, and she loves owl's! Also she never got married!

She is wise god

Athena. As much unique she was as a deity with unfathomable popularity among the gods and the mortals, her birth was far more unique given she was not bore by her mother (technically speaking). Her to-be-mother was Metis, who was swallowed by Zeus while she was pregnant because of a prophecy that the child Metis was going to bore would become the lord of heavens. But when it was time for Athena to born, Zeus started complaining of a massive headache. And then she sprang out of his head full grown and in armor.
Athena was known for her ferocity in battles but unlike Ares, she never displayed hotheadedness and always believed in fighting for restore justice and righteousness. She only took part in wars fought in defense of her state from outside attacks. She was the divine personification of reasoning, wisdom and knowledge. No wonder she was Zeus’ favorite child and was even allowed to use his powerful thunderbolt whenever the need arose. The sheer scale of influence she had on the ...more

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5 Artemis

Artemis is like Katniss Everdeen she is goddess of Archery and the moon, much better then the sun.. - ToptenPizza

THis woman can turn into animals so yeah enough said and the moon is super cool

Love her

6 Ares

Ares can ruin you in a war, mess up your swing no matter what. He is God of war, and decides who wins - ToptenPizza

7 Apollo

God of music an Sun, music is awesome, but with the sun you can make it summer all year long, aside from demetre getting in the way. - ToptenPizza

He's just great.

8 Hermes

God of A LOT of things, Hermes is the messenger God, and anything that travels basically. - ToptenPizza

He’s fast and very mischievous which are awesome powers

9 Demetre

Greek mythology says she makes the seasons based on her daughter's visits. So she can control the weather. She also can control what grows. - ToptenPizza

10 Aphrodite

Love goddess, May not seem too powerful, but love can control people a lot. For example if your loved one was captured you may go to many lengths to save them. - ToptenPizza

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11 Hephaestus

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Fire?!? Come on, people! I think that's pretty damn awesome x


12 Hera

She is awesome my favorite goddess she keeps family bonds going who would not want her power

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