Top Ten Greek Gods That You Would Want to Be


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1 Poseidon (God of The Sea)

This guy is the beast he could sink Zeus easily.

Zeus is a mouse compared to poseidon

I think Poseidon would be the best
Poseidon is just plane awesome
I mean God of sea that's pretty dang cool

He is very cool

V 2 Comments
2 Zeus (King of The Greek Gods and God of Thunder)

You'd rule all the gods and goddesses and if you see someone you don't like you could blast them right into hell with one bolt, nicki minaj better run!

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3 Apollo (God of Sun and Music)

If I were him, I'd get Nicki Minaj with a solar flare. - PositronWildhawk

4 Kratos (God of Strengh and Power)

I know he's not found in the actual myths but still awesome

You have to be this guy is awesome

Should not be on list get him off

Nothing beat strength

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5 Caerus (God of Luck) V 2 Comments
6 Uranus (God of The Sky)

Wait so if you vote this guy you WANT to die

7 Hermes (Messenger of The Greek Gods)
8 Ares (God of Chaotic War)

So, you want to be the reason there's no such thing as world peace?

This guy is the god of war! He is so above Hermes!

Why don't you want to be Ares I mean like he is the god of war and fighting. He probally has like TESLA gunhs and RPGS, AKs and a bunch more of cool weapons.

9 Cronus (God of Agriculture)
10 Hades (God of The Underworld)

Hades is supposed to be king but Zeus cheated because he is a cheater. Besides hades is really powerful

Hades Is The Eldest Of The Gods. Honestly I Think He Should Have More Power

The Contenders

11 Eros (God of Sexual Desire) V 3 Comments
12 Hephaestus (God of Technology and Fire)

Hephaestus is a boos you could make anything out of something like pipe cleaners

Hephaestus is the best of the best!

Hephaestus is the best of them all

V 2 Comments
13 Nike (Goddess of Victory) V 1 Comment
14 Hestia (Goddess of Hearth, Architecture)
15 Pan (God of Nature)
16 Oceanus (God of the Ocean)
17 Aeolus (God of Wind)
18 Dionysus (God of Merrymaking and Wine)

I think he would be drunk

19 Hypnos (God of Sleep)

He is boss at sleeping

20 Persephone (Queen of the Underworld)

Persephone is the wife of hades people okay.

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