Top 10 Greek Gods You're Most Like


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1 Athena

Athena is really smart so is her daughter anabeth

She is the smartest! She's still single and doesn't chase after anyone. If you don't vote for Athena, at least vote for Artemis.

The Greek Goddess of Wisdom, War, and Arts - rockrockmountain

Good grief Rockrockmountain! Did you really have to post all that.. Well, it does give info on the gods. I've always loved Athena as a child, heck, I'm even named after her!

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2 Artemis

The Greek Goddess of Hunting, Wild Animal's, and The Moon - rockrockmountain

ARTEMIS IS so awesome

I like animals and archery

I love archery and animals

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3 Ares

The Greek God of War, Blood, Violence, and Manliness - rockrockmountain

I won't this guy on castle clash

ARES is god warr. Good part to ARES, Kevin Smith to serial Xena. Beautiful God excellent master magi and werry intellect.

ARES is fiv life and the giv life, ARES is beautiful god. He is Exchange many face and body change. No limite god is (Ares).

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4 Aphrodite

The Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Lust - rockrockmountain

Aphrodite is goddess of love and like, in serial Xena warrior princess is Aphrodite help is Xena and Gabriel take to hill Olymp and Xena winning fight against Athena.

My 2nd favorite god!

5 Poseidon

I think Poseidon is awesome he is the god of the sea, horses, and earthquakes I wish I was him because he is so cool if I was the god of sea I would go swimming like every single day, if I were the god of horses I would own a dozen, and if I were the god of earthquakes I would make them less destructive.

Poseidon, GOD sea and water nature. My comparison Poseidon to Poseidon discover of serial Xena: warrior princess. Biggist blue water man his push up of sea. Poseidon is of 2 season episode Ulysses, 2 season episode Last Mariner and 5 season episode Motherhood, he is big Greek God.

I have a friend who read this and she wants this first just because she loves Percy Jackson too much.

I'm thinking of writing and composing an album about him. It will be called: Aquaman is Lame: the Diary of Poseidon. - BeatlesFan1964

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6 Zeus

The King of the Gods, The Greek God of the Sky, Lightning, Thunder, and Weather - rockrockmountain

Zeus is old god, he have great power. In serial Hercules is Zeus father to Hercules. Zeus in serial is great costeem and his mythology power of world is absolutly. Opponent is women goddess Hera, step mather to Hercules.

Zeus is perfect god, he is thunder lightning, great power. Zeus old god werry speed body and magi spell.

7 Hades

The Greek God of the Dead, and The King of The Underworld - rockrockmountain

My 2nd favorite god. - Anonymousxcxc

Hades good art of serial Xena: Warrior princess. Hades have big skeleton crown and he doing werry excellent magy.

The God of wealth and death he knows everything since he knows every second of of the race of the humans in all of history 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 per Mila second since 0 B.C

He has a way bigger castle the Zeus literally Zeauses castle is as big as his bedroom he owns everything underground

Richest smartest most powerful coolest God ever

Enough said

8 Hermes

I have some of Hermes' traits. I steal food and like to trick people.

The Greek God of Thieves, Communication, and Travelers. The Messenger of the Gods - rockrockmountain

I'm basically a thieve and very fast so yeah

9 Apollo

Apollo, God the sun, great Apollo art comparison in Hercules, season 4 episode 22. Gold yellow God Apollo and alliance in Hera, opponent Herakles and Zeus.

Apollo have god of sun, great part Apollo to serial Hercules, in end 4 seasons in tube plus. Apollo in this serial art negative instinct and werry great fire power and gold costum, intellect art.

He is the best and most pawerfull

10 Demeter

The Greek Goddess of Fertility, Agriculture, Harvest, and Grain - rockrockmountain

The Contenders

11 Pan

Pam is awesome because he controls nature... Although nature may not be the best of powers... He still is an important figure in Greek legends due to him controlling the wild...

The Greek God of Wild, Shepard's, Flocks, and Nature - rockrockmountain

R.I.P. my mane man Pan

12 Hypnos

God of sleep

13 Dionysus

God of theatre and gettin drunk! - q1q1q1q1q1

The Greek God of Wine and Grapes - rockrockmountain

14 Hephaestus

Hephaestus his God fire and forget, he is power full God. Great discover Hephaestus be to of serial Xena: Warrior princes, in 5 season 22 episode and the Hephaestus discover be his many episodes of 5 season serial Xena.

Hephaestus his God fire and forget,s. He is powerful God. Great discover the Hephaestus be offer serial Xena: Warrior Princess. Discover to Hephaestus in Xena, be in 5 Season, 22 Episode, and werry match episodes offer 5 season.

Hephaestus doesn't get that much credit - he's pretty damn badass!

15 Persephone
16 Helios
17 Hera

Uhh... Why is the queen of the gods down here? I mean sure she isn't that popular but I'm a mythology genius and I've never heard of selene I can't believe the most important goddess is below that.

I’m like Hera the most. I got jealousy issues and always seeks revenge on people that angers me.

18 Selene

So beautiful. She's so awesome!  :) I love Hecate to but I like Selene best! Vote for Selene or Hecate!

19 Erebus

He is also the husband of Nyx.

20 Triton
21 Nyx
22 Hebe

Goddess of youthfulness

23 Hecate

Goddess of magic

24 Perseus Perseus

God of stone get it bevause before he gave away madusas head he could turn people to stone.

25 Psyche

She was made a god by the gods when she was dying from doing dangerious quests to get her true love back. She starts dying even with the gods helping her witch I can just not beleve.

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