Athena - Goddess of Wisdom


She is the ultimate independent, intelligent woman. She is wise but ruthless in battle, making her a terrible enemy to have. Others might make mistakes because of anger, but Athena would formulate a plan to bring you down, one that would not fail. Her Roman counterpart, Minerva, is more of the goddess of crafts. The part of Athena pertaining to war is pretty much erased, which erases a part of her personality. I think Athena's Roman counterpart is a good example of how good Roman women were supposed to behave compared to Athena, which is what every girl is or hopes to be on the inside.

Let's get this straight. ATHENA IS THE BEST. She is goddess of wisdom. Where would we be without it? Poseidon only has the sea and others zeus was a kind of cruel king apollo and artemis fight hades hides in the underworld. also she is WAY smarter than ares, hephaestus needs to be smart with the forge and hermes is weak. People didn't pray to ares before war, they prayed to Athena goddess of war strategy. She was mature than any other god she was a woman when she was born. No childhood.

She is the protectorate of heroes and towns... She is the Patron Goddess of Hercules, Odysseus, Perseus. She was chosen as the protectorate of Athens over Poseidon.. she is the most important god of Greek. Without her Greek could not defeat Troy. While she may not be powerful like Zeus and Poseidon.. she has the brain and skill to defeat them.. it was Athena who helped Zeus and Heracles to defeat the Giants. Zeus could only count on Athena for any mission.. It is her association with Heroes and her guidance and protection to them that make her interesting.. no heroes could accomplish their goals without her help

I think that Athena should be the best goddess because she is the goddess of wisdom. If wisdom didn't exist, we wouldn't know annything and our kind would be extinct in the first 5 seconds the first human was born. Her mother, Metis, which literally means "wisdom", bore Athena when she was inside Zeus' head. She sprung to life while Zeus was fighting Typhon, and I bet beating Typhon would've been a lot harder if Athena wasn't there. It would've been harder to beat Typhon because Athena is goddess of strategy, and her plan was the one that finished Typhon once and for all.

BEST! SHE IS SUPER EPIC AND Ps why are the goddesses even on this page?! It says greek GODS! But whatever I think athena is #1 and artemis is #2 and nike is #3 and apollo is #4. PS IF ANYONE THINKS THERE IS A SELENE your STUPID that's ROMAN GET COMMON SENSE KNOCKED INTO you PEOPLE ITS ARTEMIS!

Athena is awesome. She uses strategy and skill to overcome her problems. To me she is the best goddess ever. ! GO ATHENA!

Athena is my favorite greek goddess. She is smart and beautiful. She has Athens named after her! She is smart and wise. As the goddess of crafts, war, art, skill, battle she is the best!

She's like born from Zeus's Brain, that means she's at least as smart as Zeus, why not let the most smart go on top? Like... What's the use of strength when you don't have wisdom. Don't forget, you know how to not fail on test thanks to her!

Athena is the goddess of wisdom and strength. She is also the goddess of war but this is rarely acknowledge because of Ares (Who has been beaten multiple times by Athena). She is also used Zeus lighting bolt and is the favored child in the Olympian family (Well with beating Ares and Hephaestus was throw off Olympus so she is clearly the star child). She is also a very smart goddess and is basically the goddess for boss women. She is also the goddess of battle strategy which makes her a very valuable. She is not the most power but: Zeus is a jerk. Hercules was the produce of that. Poseidon is cool but kind of overrated because of PJ I love PJO but even I can admit he's quite overrated and everyone think Hades is the devil (Which he totally isn't).(Sorry for spelling/grammar mistakes)

Athena and Artemis are both the vast along with Poseidon but if I really had to chose it would be Athena she is amazing and I love school and art and sewing so I couldn't love Athena more

Athena is greater than Zeus (he's just a disgusting old rapist. Powerful, but still... A rapist... ) Someone told Zeus that his and Metis' child would be greater than Zeus, and would overthrow Zeus if the child happened to be male. So Zeus decided to pull a Kronos and swallowed the pregnant M├ętis to protect his thrown. - RizaLovato

Athena is so much better than all of the gods because she is the smartest. Why is Zeus in front of her? Zeus is cold and cruel and boastful. Athena is the best god

Wisdom. Most of the other gods don't have that. That means they are stupid. That is my reasoning and try to disagree, people who think the other gods are the best

Athena is by far the best. She's the goddess of SKILL! Skill for gods sake, where would we be without her? With no skill basically everything would be awful. She is by far the best!

Athena is a smart, strong, and kind goddess. I mean, come on, she is the goddess of wisdom AND war! I mean, that's pretty awesome.

Athena is my favorite god even thought she gave zeus a massive head ache which real must have hurt ouch look it up if you want to see what I mean!

Best goddess ever she is amazing she is smart and she is probably smarter than all of the other gods or goddesses

Who doesn't love Athena? Smart, strong, deadly, she doesn't have all the superpowers that Poseidon and Zeus have, but she's beast with strategy. Brains is what she has, and that's what I respect.

Athena only fights to protect wisdom and her people and she can't possibly only be #3 in the year 2016. Please more people vote for Athena.

She is the best. She is the godess of wisdom and that's super cool. Had to do a book report on her and she was a great choice. I think Zeus is stupid. He can not even do anything. Somebody in my class was him for his report. I asked him a few questions about his person. His person sounded so boring! Athena is the best. We wouldn't be here without her. Ares like really. Is he like the god of war or something. Isn't Athena the godess the war too. If she is that is super cool.

Uh, there has GOT to be a mistake. Why is she not 1st?! 3 reasons- She's the goddess of WISDOM, sure having a lightning bolt is cool and having a pretty face and a peacock is nice but being smart is the winner. She was the only one not afraid of stupid Typhon. She has helped, like, half of the heroes in greek mythology.

Athena is the one I like the most due to her smarts and how helpful she is to heroes such as Hercules. She is also the goddess of war?

I played Athena in the play I like her the most because shes goddess of war and wisdom, and shes awesome.

I don't believe in Greek gods as my religion but my favorite Greek god of them all is Athena she is just really smart and that is what I want to be so yea.

Athena is the smartest of them all! I bet that if she wanted to, she could overthrow everyone else using strategy and skill.