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21 Hercules

Hercules is overrated to be honest but he is still good but he is a weak God compared to ares Hermes and any around that area he wouldn't even stand a chance against any gods he should just stay a hero

3 words BIG AS CRAP, complete awesome and Zeus loving son the amazing Hercules

Sure he is over rated but he rules, come on, look at those twelve labors he did, and what painful death he had before rising into the gods! Now for my cons, he is a freaky guy, I mean, look at all the people in the underworld because of him! But he is caring, he save Theseus. If you don't know about that, at the end of Theseus' life, he was very foolish. He and his gang went out to find new wives for themselves. He got Helen of Troy, while his friend wanted Persephone! He was frozen to the spot with his friend but was saved by Hercules!

Heracles greastest Greek hero

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22 Pan - God of Nature, the Wild, Shepherds, Flocks, Goats, of Mountain Wilds

Pan is great god to force, and mutant to people and goat foot, devil fire body, big tail and Pan is great power.

You can't not like pan. He is probably the coolest non human looking god

Pan imagine a world without him. No animals none of them are unique but Pan he is what makes every single animal unique to us from dogs, to cats, to sea creatures we don't now exist all come from Pan God of nature.

I think Pan should be 2nd

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23 Chaos

A complete boss. No god stands up to him he is unbeatable like ash ketchup.

You can't stand up to AIR! This guy should have gotten more votes. Sure, Zeus controls storms, hurricanes, all that, but what do you think he uses to make those storms?

The creator of all gods, the strongest God ever, should be number 1 on this list but many people have never heard of him so don't vote him. In the eyes of all Greek mythologists, he IS number 1.

He is the only god that can kill other gods

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24 Gaia - Goddess of the Earth

Come on guys. The only reason all the gods exist is because of this god. She has the power to create and destroy worlds. She is Zeus' grandmother. She is as pretty as everk, and strong she has it all! 10/10

Gaia is just awesome. Sorry, but she is the grandmother of Zeus, the Ultimate Goddess, the wife of Ouranos and Mother Earth! How can you beat that? Oh sure, Heroes of Olympus pass her off as a villain but she's still really cool. She's the mother of Cronos! You can't sideline that. She bore the Lord of Time! Come on!

This first comment is rubbish. Chaos is the grand dad of her much stronger

Gaia is awesome. She created all the gods, so she is the most powerful. And let's not forget that she made the titains as well. She is the best

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25 Thanatos - God of Death

He's the ancient grim reaper. Jades might rule the after life, but where do you think he owes credit too? For creating death

Just what I thought the power of death is a powerful and strongest ability but I also agree with time god time is also a powerful and strongest ability.

He is stronger than Zeus (in my opinion ) he is the strongest God

He's my favorite god he's epic like he could anyone so I vote that he should be fir st cya zues

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26 Eros - God of Love

Everybody in the mythology is scared of Eros even the gods because he can shoot you with one of his arrows and you could fall in love with ANYONE or ANYTHING.

Eros is Aphrodite's son and technically Cupid.

Aphrodite is goddess of love

He is the god of love who doesn't like love

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27 Lycaon - The Wolf King

The first werewolf- what's not bad-ass about this guy?

Wolves are awesome and he created them whats not to love

Coolest ever god wolves are the best so who created them must also be great

Yes wolves are the best

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28 Notch - God of Minecraft

Lol little kid put this on here

He created Minecraft!



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29 Iris - Personification of the Rainbow and Messenger of the Gods

She's like the female version of Hermes...she's AWESOME!

If she is the goddess of rainbows she is awesome

I love her! She's like the male version of Hermes and I think she should be #1!

My favourite God is chaos, and favourite goddess? Iris. - astroshark

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30 Uranus - Primordial Being of the Sky

Heres a question if YAHWEH/GOD and I (as LUCIFER/JEHOVAH) are truly mother and son we were the very and far oldest living beings in existance YAHWEH/GOD being like 1,3 billion years old maybe little older while I (as LUCIFER/JEHOVAH) are like over 1 billion years old she and I fell in love with each other and over 100 million years together we started a family together and lived almost perfectly happy life together I never tried to be unfair on anyone in existance I never tried to overthrow YAHWEH/GOD we lived happy together for millions of years and had happy family despite the fact that were mother and son would you felt shocked if I did reveal a truth here if YAHWEH/GOD only created the universe, heaven and angels while I (as LUCIFER/JEHOVAH) created music, planet earth, hell, purgatory and humanity maybe even many more planets simular to earth in every way and even granted others the power strength and will strength to achieve almost every kind of thing I could do even creating a ...more

Shouldn't have hated his kids or he wouldn't have got chopped up and would have been king much longer

One of the primordial gods gotta have respect

your anus

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31 Hecate

How could anyone skip Hecate? She is the most interesting out of all Greek deities. She is goddess of necromancy and magic. She has also been described as the Greek Goddess of crossroads; a truly iconic occult figure who bears torches to help illuminate the shadows. She helped in locating Persopheone when she had been lost to the underworld. Her origins might even be far more ancient than that of the other gods and older than some titans as well.

She should be #1! She can cast magic! If she went against Zeus or Poseidon or any other "powerful" one, she could block all their attacks and then cast a spell on them and turn them into a pig or something small and helpless like that.

Hecate is really magical and strong she used to help the titans then she helped the gods she is one of the most powerful soceresses she knows what she is doing I wouldn't vote for her though I would vote for Poseidon in my opinion he is way cooler

Hecate's a Titan, not a god. - Kfox101

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32 Hypnos - God of Sleep

Who doesn't like sleep. Your website was horrific!

I love to sleep.

Sleep, what's not good about that

Annabeth even quoted herself,“If you ask me this is the most dangerous cabin, at least in the Ares cabin you can lear; where the land mines are.”

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33 Ananke - Goddess of Inevitability

Wants it and it happens she knows all past future and present is Omni-potent impossible to be beaten if she wants she could kill every god/titan/godly-being

I get the feeling that the title is a bit too vague. To elaborate, "Ananke" is the personification of 'fate', 'destiny' and 'necessity'. Her (its? ) name literally means 'force'/'constraint'/'necessity'. She is considered the 'mother' and controller of the Moirai (The Sisters Of Fate). Her and Chronos (The personification time) are considered the beings that created the cosmos (i.E. everything) out of a primordial 'Chaos' (it's not certain in the myths if this Chaos was a self-aware being) in Greek myth. She's basically the Greek version of "Yahweh". A being that is virtually omnipotent. In Greek myth literally 'everything' that has ever happened, is happening and will ever happen, to the gods and mortals alike, the most awesome things and the most horrific, every act of falling in love, every act of torture, every war, every genocide, every birth, every death... happens because this bitch wants it to happen. She's the "Dr. Manhattan" of the ancient ...more

34 Morpheus - God of Dreams and Shapeshifting

I think he is awesome since he can turn into anything. I mean really why would you want an army when you can turn into a dragon. Also he can turn anyone to sleep which is really handy

Why don't you like him? He could literally be anything!

Because this god is the closest to being a god of difference and thought they don't have one so... GO! Morpheus!

He's just awesome. He can shapeshift. That's awesome.

35 Kratos - Personification of Authority

People that think he is fake he is not he is actually god of strength and power

He is a god of power he killed Zeus and he in the to show his power and pride

Isn't he a fake guy from a video game

Best Greek God ever seen

36 Selene - Goddess of the Moon

I love Her! I love the moon the best than the sun. Well anyways...I LOVE HER!

What kind of idiot says the moon is better than the sun? Idiot. Oh, by the way, have you heard of Artemis, the God of the MOON AND the hunt? Hint hint, Artemis is better.

They rock I only vote for the ones without votes

Isn't she ex goddess of the moon

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37 Perseus - Son of Zeus

Perseus is not a god he is a demigod (a son of Zeus) and the guy who killed Medusa.

Perseus is a demigod not a god.

Perseus is like a mini Zeus, he's awesome and lucky

Hero not a god

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38 Thalia - Goddess of Comedy V 2 Comments
39 Erebus - Personification of Darkness

Th prime evil god of darkness and shadows. This god was suppose ably offspring of chaos. I recommend researching more about this god, he's powerful enough to take chaos, zues and many more gods down.
"This god is worthy of your time and a part of life itself. He is connected to all gods as he watches over them observing their might, always keeping many steps ahead from the others"

I just love him, his name sounds so..unique, and he is literally the God of Shadows technically. Plus he is the supposed offspring of chaos...CHAOS!

40 Pontus - Ruler of the Seas

Pontus was a Titan and ruler of the sea. It's said that he helped Kronos chop up Ouronus (others spell it Uranus, but that just sounds WRONG! )

He came along before the titans and the gods and even Tartarus! Gaia made him to be her lover

Pontus is a protogenos- father of the seas

Pont us coped poseidon I call hacks

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