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41 Eris - Goddess of Discord

Eris is all around one of the more level-headed gods and I love her style.

She is an awesome goddess

42 Asclepius - God of Medicine and Healing

Without medicine anyone who has a bad disease will surely die

He's nice I like him


43 Akhlys - Goddess of Misery

Even though she is the goddess of misery, she us really powerful.

She should go die in a whole life should be happy

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44 Hyperion

Yeah, she needs a description as I have never even heard of her! - superboy12

Why do they not have a description?

Brill titan the best in fact

Hyperion is titan of the north and light. He is the most powerful titan. Even more powerful than Kronoc

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45 Rhea - Mother of Zeus

I don't know very much about greek gods and stuff like that but if she is the mother of zeus wouldn't she be the mother of all gods since cronos is the father of all gods

She is mother of all gods and goddesses!

She is the father of Zeus! And isn't Zeus the most powerful god?

I love her she is so amazing she put up with her husband eating her kids NOW THAT IS SOME SERIOUS DEDICATION she is the sweetest of all the titans and gods and she is really really really pretty RHEA YOU ARE AMAZING

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46 Adephagia - Goddess of Gluttony

Adephagia,you have a rival: Homer,the god of gluttony,goofing off and procrastination.

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47 Castor


48 Boreas - God of the North wind

Boreas is by God of the North Fuji. I compare this god Boreas offer Boreas of serial Xena: Warrior Princess. In Xena, 4 season, 1 and 2 Episode his Boreas, stay big power fighter, friend Xena. Boreas, God North Fuji discover of many episodes Xena, and he is me great power.

49 Priapus - God of Male Genitalia

Why is he not #1 makes no sense can control any one genitals so he is a beast.

He is like so hot ya hot very very hot

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50 Amphitrite

I think she is the best Greek goddess

51 Metis - Goddess of good counsel

Metis is the goddess if good counsel or good advice. She was swallowed by Zeus and was Athena's mom

She is really cool, she was the mother of athena and died because of her wisdom! Should at least be in the top 15!

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52 Geras - God of Old Age

Why is this before triton

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53 Hebe - Goddess of Youth

Why is Hebe all the way down here? I mean who doesn't want to be young?

A teen is not as young as a ten year old but he/she below is right

Don't you like being young?

WHOOHOO! Come on teens, let's get with this Goddess! She's the goddess of us for heaven's sake!

54 Eos - Goddess of Dawn

The dawn holds the beautiful rising sun

The dawn means the new day is here what is not to love

You guys can't forget about this dude. He's a flying baby with love arrows.

Hump me

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55 Aether - God of Light

He is the life force of everything in the universe and the personification of the heavans

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56 Tartarus

He is stronger than gaea he can destroy every other god or goddess easily

He is the best no one can defeat him

God f the massive pot of tartarus and can own any god on this list except gaia

He easily beat bob, hyperion,krios,small bob,maneionian drakon and damensen. father of the giants and the pit himself.he is stronger than every god and godess and tied with gaea and ouranos

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57 Janus - God of doors, choices, beginnings and endings

He is awesome and has two faces

Janus is Roman not greek

Janus is roman not greek

He's not Greek, he's Roman.

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58 Bia - Goddess of Force V 4 Comments
59 Triton - God of the Sea

Being son of Poseidon, He is awesome! As well Poseidon he is god of the sea.

Is this really true

He is awesome

Poeseidons son is destined to be awesome (poeseidon is the coolest God)but he's a demigod if I'm correct

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60 The Moirai (Fates) - Fate

Not technically gods but personifications of fate- daughters of Chronus and Ananke- pretty mean but when you control fate-who can oppose you?

Three people not gods either


Nope! they are the dyaughters of zeus and themis

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