Zeus - God of the Sky and Thunder


It was said in the Iliad that if all the gods and goddesses combined had a rope and tried to pull Zeus down, he could pull them up. Zeus is more powerful than all other gods combined. He was also the original, and I consider him to be the real eldest child of Kronos and Rhea, seeing as how all the others were swallowed at birth, and were only freed from Kronos when Zeus saved them. Zeus has proved himself to be intelligent, funny, kind, fearsome, powerful, and respectable. He occasionally does unfair things because they suit him, but he is the only thing really holding Olympus together.

Zeus is the king of the gods! He is way more powerful than Poseidon because he is the king and all the gods will do what he says. He has the most powerful weapon and no one can stand a fight against him. That is why Zeus is more powerful and way more respected than any other god. If there ever was a fight between Zeus and Poseidon, Zeus would stand victorious.

Zeus single handedly killed Cronus, a Titan, freeing all the Gods and Goddesses. Also he killed Typhon, which was said to be the strongest of the Titans. Also let's not forget that one tie when the son of Apollo almost doomed the world, and Zeus one shot killed him with his thunderbolt (CRITICAL). He also had to grow up with only a mother, whom wasn't battle trained. So he had to train himself. And I agree with all those people that said it should be Zeus instead of Poseidon. Poseidon (No offense) isn't that powerful of a god. And he technically can't control the water very well without having to hit the floor. Also Poseidon seems to only being voted because of Percy Jackson... get over yourselves and actually read about real Greek Mythology.

Zeus is a loser. He is not the best. He did become the father hercules but hercules became more powerful because her a without knowing who hercules was fed him with Hera's milk. Not All because of zeus. And if a fight comes between the sky and the sea the sea will win and that is sure. POSEIDON ROCKS.

Well all you people are haters Poseidon can easily destroy Zeus. He can only control the weather basically (Specifically Lightning. ) And maybe Fly but whatever. Poseidon can Control Earthquakes, Water, Zeus is just liked because of his kids. Which aren't that all powerful. Also 97% of Blood is Water so Poseidon can easily demolish Zeus from the throne

Zeus is the best of all the gods! He can electrocute Poseidon with his lightning! He makes the sky we see everyday so beautiful and amazing! I agree with the person who said Poseidon is above Zeus simply because of Percy Jackson. No other reason.

Zeus' strongest powers are using lightning and air. Air as defense and lightning as attack. He can blow the water of Poseidon and use lightning to go through Poseidon's water powers. Lightning also destroys earth, badly.

Zeus not only had the thunder and sky as his powers, in mythology he also had the power to transform anyone in anything he wanted. And defeated every god that stepped in his way. Even Poseidon (my second favorite) obey his orders even if he didn't like it, and for those who say Poseidon was a good god, in mythology he was a rapist and a fight seeker that easily boiled.

Guys, Poseidon was a jerk who made hurricanes and earthquakes just because he was a sore loser. Zeus on the other hand tried to be a responsible leader and happened to have quite the weakness for women. Also, Homer states he is stronger than all the other gods combined.

Zeus is king of gods so he rules! Remember Poseidon tried to convince to be king of a place and he had to fight Zeus! Do you know who won? Zeus of course. Even Poseidon himself said he was king the day Zeus freed him.

I think its quite obvious why Zeus is the best. Like come on, the people chose Poseidon just because they like him more. I even like him more but you can't just say he is the best because you like him. Face the facts

I lots of books, it is said that zeus can defeat all the gods together with his lighting bolt. Sure I like all gods but if I was to be fair Zeus should be first.

Sucks if he stayed with hera and kept mating with hera zeus would have more powerful kids that would not have had a short life and would have done greater things people

He's so powerful. He rules Olympus and can control the weather! Floods. (Caused by Zeus) Tornadoes. (Caused by Zeus) Lightning. (Caused by Zeus)

He's The King of the Gods in Greek Mythology... Nuff Said - VADERtheIMPALER

Zeus should be number one because he is king of the gods, has the most powerful weapon the lightning bolts, and he defeated Cronus by not being eaten alive

Zeus is a very popular god because he is the king of the gods. He controls Lightning and his chosen domain was the sky. He owns the most powerful weapon in the world, the master bolt.

I really like Poseidon, maybe he's my fave God, but I guess that Zeus must be above him because he's the God of the sky and because it's shown in a lot of myths that he's the king of gods.

The bolt is the ability to bring energy into being from shear will alone. Though Apollo's Sun and music are tempting, they are simply manifestations of this originating act.

How do people like Zeus? 80% of problems are all about how he couldn't keep it in his pants. And Poseidon also couldn't when he saw medusa. No offense to fans of these gods

Obviously Zeus! He is awesome; I mean Who else can hold lightning? Nobody. exactly

Zeus is grumpy and full of himself. Sure he may have amazing powers and a cool beard, but he cheats on his wife and is just rude.

Zeus is awesome because he controls one of the things I like best in nature + the fact that he rules all the greek gods

Zeus is my father, and the king of the gods. He cannot lose. He rules the skies. How could Poseidon be above the sky! The sea rests lower than sky.

He is the God of the God 's that saved his brother 's and sister's from the Titan named KRONOS the God of time that ate the brother's and sister's of Zeus her Mother GAIA