Rating Green Bay’s Players: QB, WR, RB

PackFan2005 The Green Bay Packers are inching closer to picking their 53 man roster. It will be very difficult, but it’ll have to happen. To narrow things down, I’ll rate all of our players from A+ to F. Today, I will be doing the positions of QB, WR, and RB. Okay then, let’s get to it.


Aaron Rodgers (A+)
Talking about one of the best of all time, it shouldn’t take too long to talk about him. In his one drive against the Steelers in week 2 of preseason, he made quite an impressive scramble and a nice touchdown throw to Jimmy Graham. That’s just a sneak preview of what is to come of the former MVP in 2018. His revenge tour shall begin.

DeShone Kizer (B-)
Kizer didn’t have the best rookie year in Cleveland. But that’s because it was with the Browns. The quarterback graveyard. Anyway, he’s shown quite a bit of upside during the preseason, outplaying Brett Hundley and Tim Boyle. He’s showcased his scrambling and passing abilities already, and if he improves even more, he will find himself as Rodgers’ backup.

Brett Hundley (C+)
He’s been almost as good as Kizer during the preseason. His best play so far was his scramble escape for a touchdown, which showed how much more he developed during the offseason. Yes, Hundley can be misleading, but I think Green Bay should give him one more chance.

Tim Boyle (C)
Lastly, we have Boyle, the undrafted free agent. So far during the preseason, he’s been the second highest rated rookie passer, behind only Baker Mayfield. He’s also made a case for backup, as he had a good game against the Titans. If Boyle doesn’t make the roster, he could get signed to the practice squad.

Wide Receivers

Davante Adams (A)
Man, he sure is the #1 receiver. On his first play against the Steelers, he caught a Rodgers pass and ran an extra 20 yards. He’s great at after catch yardage, and I can see why. Now with Jordy Nelson gone, he has a big responsibility, but he’ll certainly capitalize on his opportunity.

Randall Cobb (B+)
Cobb is now the oldest wide receiver in Green Bay, being drafted back in 2011. His job now is to mentor the younger ones. But he is still valuable in the slot, where most of his big plays come from. Will Green Bay however let go of him at some point? Only time will tell. Cobb needs to have a bounce back season in 2018 to secure his future with the Packers.

Jake Kumerow (B)
If you want to talk about a training camp breakthrough player, Kumerow is the man. What a preseason he’s had so far, with two touchdowns of over 50 yards. He’s similar to Jordy Nelson in ways also, making Nelson’s departure less concerning. He’s got football blood, with other relatives currently in the NFL. Can he follow in their footsteps and make the 53 man roster?

Geronimo Allison (B)
Allison is everyone’s choice to be the third wide receiver, including me. Aside from Adams and Cobb, he’s the most experienced wide receiver on the roster, and will be of good use during the season. Of course, to stay as the #3 receiver, he’ll have to outplay the likes of Kumerow and Valdes-Scantling.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling (B)
The 5th round rookie had a large game against the Titans, but was quiet versus the Steelers. He seems like an up and down guy, and somewhat inconsistent. But that shouldn’t stop him. He’s nearly a lock for the 53 man roster now, given his draft status and how he’s played during the preseason. He’s been the best of the three rookies so far.

Eqanimeous St. Brown (C+)
He’s been reunited with DeShone Kizer, and I can see a connection between them on the field, as he is Kizer’s main target. Overall, he’s been solid but inconsistent. Has he done enough to make the 53 man roster?

Trevor Davis (C-)
Davis really hasn’t practiced much due to a hamstring injury, but even so, provided little value at receiver itself. But, he’s been a good kick/punt returner, which could propel him to the 53 man roster. That’s the only way he’ll make it however.

J’Mon Moore (C-)
Boy, he’s struggled immensely during the preseason. Costly drops have been a frequent with the 4th rounder, and he’s also been very inconsistent. But still, he’s very athletic, and has potential. Given his draft status, he’s probably going to make the roster, but if he wants to stay there, he’ll have to step it up. Big time.

DeAngelo Yancey (C-)
I have heard very little about him during training camp, which shows what he’s done. Nothing really special. He could make the practice squad, but that’s all I’m giving him.

Too Early to Tell
Adonis Jennings
Kyle Lewis

Running Backs

Jamaal Williams (B)
The Packers will most likely depend on him the most when the regular season arrives, with Aaron Jones suspended and Ty Montgomery struggling. He’s not only a good back, but also is good in pass protection and even receiving. Williams should be Green Bay’s number one back come week 1.

Aaron Jones (B)
Well, he’s had hamstring issues and he’ll be suspended soon. But he’s still the most dynamic runner of Green Bay’s three main backs. Once Jones returns in week 3, I expect great things from him.

Ty Montgomery (B-)
Montgomery was never meant to be a back. He’s just a converted wide receiver. He has struggled in recent days, including that preseason game against the Steelers. My question is if Green Bay really needs him at running back with Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones.

Joel Bouagnon (C)
He’s actually been a decent back during the preseason. Nothing special, but I do see him making a bid for the roster.

Devante Mays (D+)
Mays has also been battling hamstring issues with Jones, and he hasn’t practiced very much. But from what we saw last season, it wasn’t pretty. Two fumbles is a bad sign for starters. Two in one game. I really only see value for him on special teams, where he is decent. But with lack of running back depth, Mays may very well make the roster.

Too Early to Tell
Bronson Hill
LaShun Daniels

Next time, we will look at the positions of TE, FB, and the O-Line.