Rating Green Bay’s Players: TE, FB, O-Line

PackFan2005 Here, I will be rating the rest of Green Bay’s offense. Here are the positions of TE, FB, and O-Line.

Tight End

Jimmy Graham (A)
Graham has Aaron Rodgers impressed, and I can see why. They’ve formed a connection in camp, and have connected on multiple plays. Graham even caught a touchdown against the Steelers in week 2 of the preseason. This is a better signing than the Martellus Bennett one for sure. Green Bay won’t regret it.

Marcedes Lewis (B+)
Despite age, Lewis has so far shown that he can still play in the NFL. Not only is he a blocking tight end, he is also a receiving threat, as evidenced by his catch of over 20 yards against the Steelers. He will definitely make a difference this year.

Lance Kendricks (B-)
Yet another veteran, he’s nearly a lock for the roster. A viable receiving threat and somewhat of a blocker, Kendricks can do either. He doesn’t have much competition behind him, and his experience will propel him forward.

Robert Tonyan (C+)
Tonyan wasn’t half bad against the Steelers, making a few notable catches, including a touchdown. He could be the reason the Packers put four tight ends on the 53 man roster.

Emanuel Byrd (C)
Byrd was similar to Tonyan against the Steelers. Some notable plays, but I think Tonyan is slightly better. Although Byrd could also make a roster push, and beat Tonyan.

Kevin Rader (C-)
Rader has been a decent blocker during the preseason, but it’s just not enough to crack the roster.

Too Early to Tell
Ryan Smith


Aaron Ripkowski (B-)
Ripkowski is fine and all. Good blocker and a decent runner, but he’s no John Kuhn. Just not as talented as his predecessor.

Joe Kerridge (C+)
Kerridge could also make the roster along with Ripkowski. He’s good, and like Rip, is a good blocker. Green Bay needs that.


David Bakhtiari (A)
Man, he’s underrated. No one seems to notice him, yet he’s one of the premier left tackles in the NFL. I don’t know where Aaron Rodgers would be without him. Bakhtiari needs to stay healthy for 2018, as he has already sprained his ankle.

Bryan Bulaga (A-)
Coming off of a torn ACL, Bulaga may need to slow down. But, his goal is to be ready for week 1. He’s looked good so far in the preseason. It’s no wonder the Packers kept him around after trade rumors swirled back in April and May.

Corey Linsley (B+)
Linsley just signed a massive four year extension with Green Bay, which shows just how trusted he is. He’s looking even better than J.C. Tretter was at center. In fact, Linsley was the only starting offensive lineman to start all 16 games in 2017, which is a testament to how sturdy he is.

Lane Taylor (B+)
Another rising star similar to Linsley. Taylor is Green Bay’s only hope at left guard, as the backups aren’t looking too good. They’re fortunate to have a guard like Taylor.

Justin McCray (B)
His Cinderella story is continuing, going from backup to starter. He’s been solid, but injury prone. But McCray is still pretty trusted, as Green Bay didn’t sign Jahri Evans back.

Dillon Day (B-)
The former Bronco is looking like a well-developed player so far, and has been good during the preseason. He’s good backup coverage in case Corey Linsley goes down during the season.

Lucas Patrick (C)
Out of all the backups, Patrick is the better of them, which could be key for him making the 53 man roster.

Alex Light (C)
Light isn’t that bad, and I think he’ll manage the 53 man roster.

Adam Pankey (C-)
With so little depth, Pankey could very well make the roster, if he proves himself a bit more.

Jason Spriggs (C-)
The former second round pick is struggling a lot, which shouldn’t be the case given his experience. Spriggs needs to step up, or he’ll find himself out of Green Bay.

Kyle Murphy (C-)
C minus seems about right for Murphy, who isn’t much better than Spriggs. Both struggled against the Steelers. Except, Murphy has a better chance of staying in Green Bay than Spriggs.

Kofi Amichia (C-)
He could be better, but could be worse. Could be an option for backup tackle.

Austin Davis (D+)
Most likely won’t make the roster and lost the backup center job to Dillon Day.

Byron Bell (D)
Man, Bell has struggled for weeks on end, by far the worst lineman in training currently. I highly doubt he’ll make the roster after his preseason performances.

Next time, I will move on to the defense, and rank our LB’s and D-Linemen.