Thoughts on the Releasing of Mike Daniels, Taylor Lewan Busted up, and much more.

htoutlaws2012 Today we look at a somewhat interesting move that letting go Mike Daniels does for the Packers's defense moving forward. Daniels when healthy was a very good interior lineman paired with an emerging Kenny Clark. Now with a busted up Defensive line that would mean your Rashan Gary pick doesn't look like a misfire if your putting up front, and not as a bench players for an already loaded ad upgraded linebacking core. I mean I would hope that's why they made the move this way because either way it may not be justified and come into question considering once the team lost both Mike, and Muhammad from injury Green Bay struggled badly in stopping the run. Many must win now teams are gonna want to get a guy like Mike Daniels,and make him a day one starter most likely candidates to go right away with this would be Colts, Bears, and Rams are the three very opposing teams as the favorites that come to my mind who have an opposite edge weakness that can be filled by his veteran presence.

I have a pair of suspension news right when camp open Jarran Reed of the Seattle Seahawks will miss almost the first half of football due to a violating of ''supposed proof'' of assault of an incident that occurred two years ago by police. I say that because the conduct policy is all outta whack after the complete butchery of the settled case for Tyreek Hill which is what they did with Ezekiel Elliott meaning it will come back when the season is in swing. Only now One Seattle's better players a rising star will now miss some crucial games they'll need him in. Five of their six games are no cake walk let me tell you. The other story just out is regarding left tackle for the Tennessee Titans Taylor Lewan not hurt, but will miss a month for abuse of substance. In these four early games could either be admirable decent, or very very bad if this means a lot to the protection play moving forward. Arguably their best blocker and the guy who may not be as good of a blocker could be a warning sign of things to come especially with avoiding a 0-4 start (which I could see 1-3 honestly).

The other story which could impact your fantasy football draft is the Melvin Gordon situation, and what I mean is he could potentially not play at all this upcoming season if Chargers are fool-ish not to agree on fair mutual grounds. This is what led the Steelers to have so much drama, and as loaded as LA's B Team is they must avoid this as fast as possible. You can't have this be a trend to let one guy rebel not getting his high price (this led to Bell's demise). Now granted they have some talented young backs in Austin Ekeler, and Justin Jackson, but their not premiere backs like Gordon is when healthy. In comparison to the two tails Pittsburgh was able to get by with James Connor where as with this Chargers O-line ain't nearly as good, but could have a problem with similar methods.

Last intruding news is that Yannick Ngakoue did not report to Jacksonville's training camp making you wonder is he gonna be the next surprise right after Mike Daniels? Ngakoue is a guy I would not dealt seeing his got some good prime years left in him, and i'm not sure if Taven Bryan will be able to fill that void quite yet (although his a nose tackle). This hold out was intended to give him not a valuable extension and thus could hurt Jacksonville defensively if there not careful there already don't know how long they won't have Telvin Smith so some question marks already seen on this team as things open up more to follow along the way to Regular season is near, but a month and half countdown rolls on with this being the technical start of it all.


I got to be honest, I still feel great about the Packers defensive line. Mike Daniels will be missed, but we’ve got a budding star in Kenny Clark, one of our most underrated and reliable players in Dean Lowry, and young guys like Montravius Adams and Tyler Lancaster. The line may not be as potent this year, but it will still be effective. - PackFan2005