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1 Walking Contradiction Walking Contradiction Cover Art

In my opinion, this is the funniest video of Green Day's... Basically, everywhere Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool, and Billie Joe go, bad things happen. Tied with Warning.

Second only to Warning, but of course Warning isn't on the list. Hint hint. But I love how they end the video. Why do they let Tre drive?

I am glad that this is number one. It was so creative, cool, and comedic. Definitely an interesting and well-made music video.

Haha, I love this video make me laugh every time I watch it. I wish my day were like this.! Billie's beard.

2 Jesus of Suburbia Jesus of Suburbia

Defiantly the best! It's so long its like a short movie with an amazing story. Not just my favourite Green Day video, it's my favourite video of all time!

We are the stories and disciples of the Jesus of Suburbia!

I was amaze this songs billie joe is really a punk!

The best video for the best song!

3 Holiday Holiday Cover Art

Yeah its hilarious. Should check it out.
Boulevard of Broken dreams is the hangover to this song. You'll enjoy!

Most hilarious video ever! Even though it isn't very well known it shouldn't be ignored

Holiday is awesome song, and the the video is hilarious!

4 Boulevard of Broken Dreams Boulevard of Broken Dreams Cover Art

This is the totally amazing video they have ever made... Love this and this the best video bu Green Day and it should be on number 1 in this list...

This is a music video that discribes a typical day in the life of a young adult with Down"s Syndrome and is a young South Asian girl who is 28 years old who wants to improve her life by telling others in her shoes to not give up on making as many of their dreams a reality for themself.

I THink this is their best music video and song they have ever created

This is their best video!

5 Basket Case Basket Case Cover Art

Yes! This is church bro.

6 21st Century Breakdown 21st Century Breakdown Cover Art

This DEFINITELY should be first. I mean, really. This video is amazing! I get why Walking Contradiction is first, I mean, what's not cool about destroying every single thing in your path? But 21st Century Breakdown has amazing video editing skills, while Walking Contradiction just has cool stunts. They're both great and I love both songs, but 21st Century Breakdown is way more visually appealing. Greatest music video ever!

This amazed me the first time I watched it, it was also the first time I heard the song, and it's just so busy and so unique, all leading up to the ending where everything turns live action and the band appears.

Should be #1. This is the coolest music video ever.

7 Wake Me Up When September Ends Wake Me Up When September Ends Cover Art

This music video discribes a typical day in the life of a young adult couple who wants to be together for life but is faced with many people trying to tear them apart. They just want to be accepted for what they really want and you know what I had a similar real life first hand experince and I just want to say don't let the haters rule your life for you do what you want how what you want. Be proud of who you really are dream big and dream lots aim for the moon even if you don't land there you will land among the stars hey teens this is my message to y"all

'When September ends' what a song and the music video it's the best. I like the concept

8 American Idiot American Idiot Cover Art

What? This video is so simple and honest, yet so entertaining. It should be in the top five.

9 Geek Stink Breath Geek Stink Breath Cover Art

It's great cause it shows you what methamphetamine does to your teeth and scares you away from drugs at the same time... It's even more disgustingly awesome to watch when you realise that it was 100% real footage of Billie Joe's friend that got his tooth pulled out of his mouth.

10 Hitchin' a Ride Hitchin' a Ride Cover Art
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11 Redundant Redundant Cover Art

This music video is Green Day's most meaningful and deep. Masterpiece.

Pure genius. Just watch each detail and you'll see what I mean.

12 21 Guns 21 Guns Cover Art

The video is the best of what they made so far.
It is a great song and is choreographed just right.

19? , This is the best Green Day Music Video ever. It's the winner of Three Prizes in MTV Video Music Awards de 2009

There best song!

13 Macy's Day Parade Macy's Day Parade Cover Art
14 Bang Bang Bang Bang Cover Art

I like it, it is a different art style and appearance to every other Green Day Music Video. Not to mention, the video perfectly depicts the best parts of the song. Great video to go with a great Song.

15 Nice Guys Finish Last Nice Guys Finish Last Cover Art

Are you kidding me! This is my favorite music video ever. Do NOT vote unless you've seen this music video.

16 Longview Longview Cover Art
17 Brain Stew Brain Stew Cover Art

Yeah vis video rocks I mean who doesn't want to be pulled along on a sofa?!

I agree with myself (at bottom of coments ) sofas junk yards = LIFE!

Best video ever I want to be pulled along on a sofa... why can't I?
its on my bucket list officially to be pulled along on a sofa in a junk yard.

18 Warning Warning Cover Art

A funny video about a boy who keeps doing stuff your not supposed to do like run in the swimming pool, eat food off the ground, take candy from strangers and eating raw meat. A must watch!

What the hell is this song doing down at 14?
There is nothing complicated bout this song or video at all, its funny and simple.

This video is so epic! Gross yes, but so epic!
I never get sick of watching it:)!
Equal favourites:
Walking Contradicting
Nice Guys Finish Last
American Idiot
21st Century Breakdown

19 Stray Heart Stray Heart Cover Art
20 When I Come Around When I Come Around Cover Art
21 Jaded Jaded Cover Art
22 Kill the DJ Kill the DJ Cover Art
23 Waiting
24 X-Kid X-Kid Cover Art
25 Stuck With Me Stuck With Me Cover Art
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