Top Ten Green Day Songs of the 21st Century

Green Day are an amazing punk pop/rock/alternative rock band. They have had great songs from the 20th and 21st centuries.

The Top Ten

1 American Idiot - American Idiot
2 Boulevard of Broken Dreams - American Idiot

This is one of the best songs I have ever listened to. - SwagFlicks

Their best song of any century - Ajkloth

3 21 Guns - 21st Century Breakdown

This is A... I don't know what to say--in a few words, its just one of THOSE songs which are BEAUTIFUL BEYOND WORDS. just AMAZING. with its Deep Meaning, Billie's Sexy Voice, The beats and LYRICS and the WAY its sung and the SONG itself.. WHOAH. I JUST LOVE THIS SONG AND Green Day, too. I think it's their BEST. I even wrote a story about me meeting Billie in my dreams and he sung to me this song and blah... Well, now this ISN'T "a few words"! :P

4 Jesus of Suburbia - American Idiot
5 Wake Me Up When September Ends - American Idiot
6 Holiday - American Idiot
7 Know Your Enemy - 21st Century Breakdown
8 Minority - Warning
9 St. Jimmy - American Idiot
10 Oh Love - ¡uno!

The Contenders

11 American Eulogy - 21st Century Breakdown

Such an awesome song! Not a single but it really shows what living in modern America is like and exposes all of the sociopolitical issues in our country.

12 21st Century Breakdown - 21st Century Breakdown

I'm a 21st century digital boy
I don't know how to read but I got a lot of toys
My daddy's lazy middle class intellectual
And mommy's on Valium so ineffectual
Ain't life a mystery yeah.

13 Still Breathing - Revolution Radio
14 Whatsername - American Idiot
15 Revolution Radio - Revolution Radio
16 Warning - Warning
17 East Jesus Nowhere - 21st Century Breakdown
18 Misery - Warning
19 Waiting - Warning
20 Macy’s Day Parade - Warning
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