Top Ten Green Day Songs that are the First Track of the Album

The Top Ten

1 American Idiot

This is not only one of the most iconic songs in their entire catalog, it opens one of their best albums, in my opinion. - Pony

This song is really cool! - Phillip873

2 Burnout

Ahh, what a great start to an amazing album.. - Pony

3 Armatage Shanks

God I love this song. This song has so much energy! - Pony

4 Nice Guys Finish Last

This opening track shows hints of what the album has to offer. Nimrod is arguably the band's most unique album, and this song is one of many that shows how great Green Day is. - Pony

5 2000 Light Years Away

This song is one of the band's earlier songs, but you can easily see this song being redone on Dookie. It has a catchy chorus, and while the song does not offer much, it's still a fun ride. - Pony

6 Brutal Love

While Tre is not a popular album, I think it is a very underrated album. Tre is my favorite of the trilogy, and it has a very good opener. It's a ballad that stands out amongst the trilogy as one of it's best songs. - Pony

7 Nuclear Family

Another song from the trilogy. I think this has a very early Green Day vibe (something from Kerplunk or 39/Smooth). Uno was an overall okay album, but the song is catchy and does have a good guitar solo. - Pony

8 Warning

This song's reputation is somewhat tainted because the riff "borrows" the riff from "Picture Book" by The Kinks. However, Warning is still a good song, and it's a break from the usual punk that Green Day is known for. I think "Waiting" and "Minority" are better songs, but this is still good. - Pony

9 Somewhere Now

This song sounds so sad! Revolution Radio was a very nice return from Green Day four years after the trilogy. This song is just pleasant to listen to, because it has nice guitar work. Overall a good song. - Pony

10 Song of the Century

How wasn't this on the list until I added it? This should be No. 1

21CB is in my Top 2 GD songs and it, along with Song of the Century is a fantastic way to open up the album

The Contenders

11 At the Library

This song sounds awfully a lot like Burnout. 39/Smooth has some good songs, but it's not as great as the albums that followed this one. However, this song does offer a very early start to one of the most famous bands of all time. - Pony

12 Father of All...
13 See You Tonight
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