Top Ten Green Day Songs That Sound Better Live

These are my choices but don't agree with them. Vote for your best live song and leave a comment.

The Top Ten

1 Boulevard of Broken Dreams

This Song Is awesome live. Just Watch them Play This at Reading 2013

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2 Holiday

There's so much of interaction! It feels like a story's being narrated! Best song to hear live! (I believe it was played on all the concerts - Bullet In A Bible, Awesome as : Audio Concert, and Awesome as : Video Concert, or Tokyo Concert)

"Do you wanna start a war?! " "This song is not anti-American, this song is anti-War! " - Tristan1975R5

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3 American Idiot


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4 Hitchin' a Ride

I watched a video and he did it perfect. Honestly the tone and vocals are exactly on par with how it was on nimrod. He even does the growl right before the song breaks out into a solo perfectly. I would have to say this is better live than the album version.

Bullet in a bible's version is awesome!

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5 Jesus of Suburbia UListen to Sample
6 Good Riddance

It is the perfect good bye song and sounds even more personal live

Really good song live!

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7 King for a Day

The band totally has a blast with this song live. They take over the stage, wear fun costumes, ask for a huge amount of audience participation, and they even combine it with the classic rock song "Shout. "

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8 Minority

To be fair, there really isn't much distinction between live Green Day and album Green Day. But Minority does really rock live!

It sounds better live. One of my most favourite Green Day songs

Beacause I love this song

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9 Letterbomb UListen to Sample
10 Geek Stink Breath UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Welcome to Paradise UListen to Sample
12 Know Your Enemy

I honesty didn't like this song until I saw them play it live...Billie really interacts with the crowd when this song is played.

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13 Kill the DJ

Faster and much funky

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14 Chump UListen to Sample
15 Stop When the Red Lights Flash
16 Knowledge

Much better live compared to the studio version.

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17 Jaded UListen to Sample
18 Brain Stew UListen to Sample
19 Brutal Love UListen to Sample
20 Basket Case UListen to Sample
21 Wake Me Up When September Ends

When they perform this song live, Billie sings with so much emotion.

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22 Are We the Waiting UListen to Sample
23 21 Guns - Green Day

I really feel that Billie Joe puts in a lot more emotion than the studio version does.

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