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1 Arizona Robbins

Best character ever. I don't get why people continue to bring up the cheating. Just about every other character on Grey's has either cheated (yes, Callie too. She cheated on Erica, twice), or been the one cheating with. Which, in my opinion, is almost just as bad. And people who complain about her behavior after the plane crash, needs to read about PTSD, they might learn something. Like the fact that her actions is quite common for people suffering from PTSD. So when people dislike Arizona because of the cheating, then I wonder why people even watch Grey's, they have to dislike almost every character, haha. Arizona is the only one who's actually had a "reason/excuse" for the cheating.

Best character

She just too incredible, really inspired by her. I can't stop myself to fall in love into her super magic smile.

Best character ever! I loved her and everything about her (her attitude, smile, mind, looks,...) from the very first episodes and I was so happy when she became a regular so she was even more on our screens. She has truly changed the show for me a really is a great addition to the whole cast.

I feel like a lot of Grey's fans only look at the bad things she has done (for a lot she has good excuses though) but not at all the good she has brought the other characters. She is such a good, kind and mostly loyal friend to many people. Above that she is also a great mother to Sofia.

I'm so happy that this season we're seeing again a glimpse of the old happy, carefree, bubbly Arizona that we all know and love. I'm also happy and grateful that we get another romantic storyline for her and I'm glad it's Eliza because I actually like her a lot to be honest.

2 Christina Yang

Loveed her role.. please come back

The best


It’s cristina* not christina uncultured swines

3 Alex Karev

I can honestly say that from the very first episode until the current one I have loved Alex Karev's character. from being a douche to a kindhearted man that wants in his soul to take care of the people he loves and the kids he takes care of. Probably one of the most relatable characters I've ever seen on a television show.

Alex karev is by far my most favorite in this show just because I can relate. He's suck a jerk in the begging and I love how they really developed his character in the later seasons. I thought he would be killed off before George or any one. Karev is by far the best character and is the reason I still watch greys anatomy

I really consider him as the best character fo Grey's Anatomy, he pretends like he doesn't care about anyone but he does the best he can to make to everyone or to help. I really hope he will get his happy end because after everything he has been trough he really deserves it

Alex is the best! During the first season I wasn't very fond of him but now he is my absolute favorite! I love how sweet and loyal he is underneath.

4 George O' Malley

He is the best! He is sooo thoughtful and caring!

T.R.Knight's performance was on point! His character was so sweet but at the same time he gave in to some sort of temptation. We never really knew what George was really going to do. It was sad to see him leave. I cried like a baby!

The most diverse character with so much growth. I feel like all the viewers grew with him as the episodes went on. I have nothing negative to say about him. I feel like I knew him as a close friend, which made his death so much harder. The best character on the show.

George was my absolute fave, he was sweet and funny and charming and killing him off was one of the dumbest decisions ever, if he had left to go to the army, he could have come back a few seasons later as a trauma surgeon attending, oh Georgie, I miss you like crazy 10 years later.

5 Miranda Bailey

Best character by far! Sassy, independent, brave, funny and loving

She's amazing

Bailey is the only character who doesn't get into huge lawsuits, big fights, or dies.. (I mean, I'm on Season 8 right now, so) She's actually so sassy but that's why I love her

She’s so funny and sassy

6 Callie Torres

Callie is underrated

Callie was just awesome and I love her humor she is hilarious and I loved it in the beginning when she pushed Meredith into lockers and talking about the panties on the board. Then Izzie is like " Callie stop she is a small person and your hurting her" I found that to be hilarious

I just think that Callie knows how to keep going. I know That every character has passed through so many hard moments, but I love that she is almost all the time so happy, funny...

Arizona also slept with someone else then lied about it even when she could tell that Callie knew that Arizona slept with the other girl

7 Lexie Grey

Lexie was the best character on the show ever. She was kind, smart, pretty, and lovable. She is the sole reason why Mark became a better person and good dad. She was nice to everyone even when they treated her like crap. Example: Christina, Alex, Meredith, and even Callie. But, when she wanted to she told them off and wasn't afraid to stand up for herself. to be honest I liked her better than Meredith. Her relationship with Mark was better than Meredith and Derek's relationship which really sucked. AIso hated their characters too. Meredith treated her like crap for no reason. Like we get it Meredith, your dad left u. It's not Lexie's god damn fault so, stop treating her and letting your friends treat her like crap. Lexie even helped George study and shes the only reason why he even passed his test which he failed the first time. While he didn't even bother to say thank u and ignored her for his other "friends" who treated him like crap. When lexie was kind and there for him. I imagine ...more

There wasn't, and there never will be, a character more loveable, relatable, and just downright hilarious and full of life than Lexie Grey. Her relationship with Mark was one of the most iconic and believable romances, not just on Grey's Anatomy, but on television in general. Lexie's nerdy, adorable, and sometimes amusingly awkward babbling was always enjoyable to watch, and Chyler Leigh's brilliant performance truly helped bring this extraordinary character to life. Whenever she smiled, cried, or even binge ate, the audience and fans were ensured to follow suit. Ever since she stepped onto the screen towards the end of season three, right until her unfortunate and heartbreaking departure at the end of season eight, the beautiful yet intelligent Lexie's presence on the show made those five years of Grey's Anatomy the most joyous and energetic ones in the entire series. While Chyler Leigh's decision to leave the show to spend more time with her family is completely understandable, I ...more

Lexie is the most awesome character in all of television. Hands down

Lexie is boss. Her story with Mark is beautiful and tragic. Her relationship with Meredith is slow - you start out not like Lexie because Meredith doesn't. But just like Meredith, you slowly grow to love her. And then it tears apart your heart when she's gone. (Most devastating departure on Grey's for sure) - CourtneyM17

8 Derek Shepard

Loved mcdreamy from his 80s teen movies can't buy me love and loverboy
So funny and classic 80s great movies
If you never saw the movies, you need to watch them.

Hot, sexy, seductive, charming and what else to say...

Loved Derek and Meredith and though Derek was so loyal and hot. I did think he was a bit conceited but the show isn't the same without him!

Made a big impact on the show and he was so caring and looked after everyone. I have so much respect for him and he deserved better

9 Meredith Grey

Should be #1

She is AMAZING and no one else could replace her

Meredith is a queen. She should be #1. Easily the best character ever

Meredith is my least favorite character in the entire show, it is ridiculous how they killed off the Lexie, and everyone else, just so she can be pitied and pampered the most, Meredith is whiny, and mean to everyone else, it is also ridiculous that they killed Derek just so they could Meredith show up Amelia. Meredith is annoying and now she is trying to make Riggs stay away from Maggie, so she can have him to herself, let's be honest, they'll probably kill Maggie AND Riggs to also make Meredith's character a heck of a lot worse, Meredith is literally the worst character ever, and I thought Maggie was annoying.

10 Mark Sloan

Where do I start? Mark was my all time favorite character in the entire series. He was always there to keep me laughing, and was so caring and loving. The fact that he came to Seattle to reinstate his friendship with Derek is incredible, and the McDuo is my favorite friendship in the whole show. Definitely my #1 pick!

My all time favorite character! I loved it when he stitched his own face because there's no plastics better than him! Was excited to see him be a father. But they ruined it.

His death was very sloppy, had to give him two more years

Plastics posse


The Contenders

11 Denny Duquette

I miss Denny so much! Even though he wasn't in the show for very long his death was so tragic. Also, I adored him and Izzy as a couple. He was so charming and I loved the sense of humor he had. His bravery and positive attitude despite his difficult situation was so inspiring. Him and Izzy could have had a great life together!

Denny was so sweet and charming. His story is tragic and cliff-hanging at all times. A lizzie-denny relationship would have been so cute and I dearly miss him!

One of the most loveable person of this show. Denny was very a good guy and even though he wasn't a main protagonist, Denny remains an important one. Love him!

Denny was my favorite character of all time. Funny, interesting and not to mention incredible eye candy.

12 Izzie Stevens

Favorite character 100%

#1 Best Character in my opinion

I personally adored isobel stevens. She was so positive and spunky and brought out the kindness in everyone. She changed Alex and transformed him into the man he is today. I always am waiting for an epic comeback or an izzie and jo stand off. Bringing her back would create so much drama and bring back good feelings from the past. I admit that the way she left the show wasn't the best but hey she came back for him and begged for forgiveness and Alex didn't. Meanwhile she forgave him for all the crap she put up with because of him. Izzie I love you to death please come back.

I love Izzie. She always saw the goodness in people and bring out the goodness in people. She never gave up. That is the true character of Izzie. She is a real fighter. From her backtory as a child who grew up in trailer park and fought to be a surgeon. She's a real inspiration. Someone whi has suffered a lot in life and still see the positive side of it and almost always end up winning. She is THAT kind of character. That's why I hate the way she was written on her last season. And the way she exited the show. It is so not her character. I'm still hoping that she will come back and wrap up her story. A good exit that will give this character a justice. Because she deserves better. Her relationship with Alex deserves better. But I know that is quite impossible. So here's me just thinking that her story ended in season 5 with her getting-off the elevator to be with George.

13 Addison Shepard Montgomery

She's a queen. what else is there to say she's a goddess - gabbyobeid

(Her name is Addison Forbes Montgomery- she dropped the Shepherd) Addison was an amazing surgeon and great teacher. If you payed attention to her in the second season you would see she was in a bad marriage with a husband who was obviously in love with someone else. And then she has fertility issues which (in Private Practice, the series focusing on her) eventually leads to two failed rounds of IVF which she pushes through to adoption. Also in Private Practice we discover that Addison had an interesting childhood (Bizzy and the Captain). Yet Addison pushes through all of this and more troubles to find her happiness.

She wasn’t a main character for very long but I absolutely adored Addison. Kate Walsh played her character very well and I think Addison had a very likeable personality and one that people can easily relate to.

Addison is my favorite character of Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice. She is so strong and so brave through all the stuff she went through with Derek leaving her after she sleeps with Mark, to Derek being in love with Meredith, and leaving her for her. I feel connected to Addison because I have been hurt many times in my life, and so has she. It sucks she only has been in a few episodes of different seasons here and there. I love Kate Walsh, I think she is a beautiful woman, and is an amazing actress.

14 Owen Hunt

Three dimensional character that can drive storylines forward and take them in other directions if needed. Enjoying the scarred character that hasn't lost his humanity.

Agggh, can't believe that his character has survived over all of the tragic losses! UGH!


Personaly I hate this guy. he caused the plane crash!

15 April Kepner

Whenever April came on screen the show it just seemed to instantly get 10 times better. She went through so much and still managed to always be so nice to everybody. On top of that her friendship with Arizona was so great too. I thought that when Izzie left and Lexie died that I'd never like a character as much but April is leagues ahead of every other character. I cried so much when she left even though she lived and now without her it's like something is missing.

I love April! She has been through so much and doesn't get as much credit as she deserves. She's also funny, super nice, and just overall a great character!

I disagree with everyone that sees April as very annoying. I understand it sometimes but most of the time I see her strength and kindness!

April is the sweetest character in the show. She’s hard working and compassionate and very smart. She reminds me of George in a way.

16 Jo Wilson

Nobody ever seems to look at jo and see how strong she is they just like to see what she put Alex through but we can see that she felt for him that she wanted to help but fear is a crazy thing

"Jo Wilson is a beautiful surgeon who deserves the world. Who can resist her beautiful golden brown hair. You can go wrong with her spunky attitude and humor."

They are wasting such a great character and actress on the show

Why is Jo so underrated ;_; She and Karev are goals - LightningBlade

17 Eliza Minnick

She's just amazing, she likes to get things done her way. She may acted like a full on bitch but deep down she has a big heart. Her and Arizona have this amazing chemistry with each other and I think Arizona will be the one to get through to her. I get people don't like her because she ain't Callie, NEWSFLASH she ain't they are completely different people and Callie chose to move on and leave Arizona behind. SO PEOPLE NEED TO GET OVER IT AND STOP HATING ON ELIZA. Give her a chance and get off of her back.

I personally think she's awesome! Her attitude, her style, her passion but her fierceness is what makes here truly amazing! She has to be tough and bitchy to make her statement but underneath it all she has such a big heart and I'm hoping it's going to be Arizona who's going to discover that and show it to the others. I think those 2 are perfect for each other and so cute together.

But what bothers me the most is that marika domińczyk (the actress that plays her) is getting so much hate because of the character that she is playing in a fictional T.V. show. Her in real life is not the same person as her character and people need to realize that and stop hating on her. She's just playing a role you know.

I know she just joined the cast this season and that she is just a guest-star at the moment but I truly hope she will become a regular cast member in the future. Arizona only was supposed to play 5 episodes, look where she is know. I hope the same thing happens for Eliza.

18 Amelia Shepherd

The best in everything

Amelia is the better shepherd. She is very well presented in both private practice and grey's, funny, gorgeous, intelligent and very strong. Absolutely love her

She's the best. She struggles every day with too much problems, and despite this she's brilliant and always stronger.

Not even a competition: hilarious, great backstory, great personality, and a great character to watch progress.

19 Teddy Altman

Best couple was her and Henry, and she probably was one of the most genuinely good people on the show. I miss her in the show, but love her probably as my favorite, because her relationship with Cristina was amazing and she's such an underrated character!

She is honestly so great, and isn't selfish like most of the doctors on this show. She is just great! Sad that shes not on anymore

She was great! She really knew how to teach, she was nice and beautiful and Henry was perfect for her!

I thought it was funny how Teddy pushed Callie and Arizona to have girls night out with her

20 Jackson Avery

Has a bastard style, very violent and is sending more in the series

He's my bb and he's hot

Not only is Jackson Avery so fit and gorgeous he is a really great character. Even though he was born into this Privileged family he doesn’t care and he doesn’t show that off, he hates the way people only pick for that. He tries to write his own destiny and create his own path for himself as a surgeon which I really love. He’s funny, determined, driven, caring, kind and his friendship with mark is absolutely everything. He is such a talented plastic surgeon who deserves all the awards there is - Jessicasimpson

21 Ben Warren

"He might've made a crucial mistake with the C section in the hallway, but his heart is there. He is a great husband and step dad, and did deliver April's baby.

He also was an attending anesthesiologist and gave it all up to be with his sweetheart, Miranda. How sweet! He is such a nice guy. He is the best step dad to Tuck.

He is so muscular. How does he have a job that requires so many hours and still have huge muscles. He is extraordinary!

22 Richard Webber

So lovable, sweet and relatable

The one person who holds the team together as a father figure to meredith and chief of surgery

I love Richard

The black sucker, kill it

23 Bokhee

She has been in every single season, and though she doesn't talk much, she does her job extremely well. Her eyes and ears are better in the OR than everyone else. All the attendings are getting the correct tools because the actress that plays Bokhee is a retired scrub nurse.

24 Preston Burke

I loved Burke while he was on the show, regardless of his actors issues the character within greys is one of my favorites

Didn't like him much, I found him pretty boring and arrogant

Stupid homophobe bitch

25 Tom Koracick
26 Stephanie Edwards

Slay Queen!

27 Zola Shepherd
28 April's Baby
29 Ellis Grey

Full on badass

30 Catherine Avery


31 Sofia Torres

Cute baby

32 Nathan Riggs

He is such an amazing character to watch. His story line is amazing and I'm really hoping for a brawl between him and Owen. His relationship with Meredith is pretty sick and he can cause some serious drama in the hospital. He has a nice relationship with April, but it's nice to keep it at friends. I hope he goes on to become good friends with Owen Hunt.

I wanted him and Meredith to get together but Megan hunt ruined it

It is a shame he cheated on Meghan. He is a really nice guy. I remember him bringing Khamal all across Europe to find him doctors that could give home back his hands.

33 Maggie Pierce
34 Lauren Boswell
35 Heather Brooks

Brooks, another tragic loss to the cast.

36 Doc

Cutest puppy in my opinion it was the saddest death

37 Erica Hahn

Least favorite character of the show overall, hated how she treated Cristina and her negative, boring personality

38 Virginia Dixon

Best Character EVER! I can't even imagine the serie without her

39 Levi Schmitt

A cute gay with the best personality

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