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21 Jo Wilson

Nobody ever seems to look at jo and see how strong she is they just like to see what she put Alex through but we can see that she felt for him that she wanted to help but fear is a crazy thing

They are wasting such a great character and actress on the show

Love love love Jo. Find your power.


22 Preston Burke

Didn't like him much, I found him pretty boring and arrogant

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23 Stephanie Edwards V 1 Comment
24 April's Baby
25 Catherine Avery


26 Sofia Torres V 1 Comment
27 Lauren Boswell
28 Heather Brooks

Brooks, another tragic loss to the cast.

29 Doc

Cutest puppy in my opinion it was the saddest death

30 Zola Shepherd
31 Erica Hahn

Least favorite character of the show overall, hated how she treated Cristina and her negative, boring personality

32 Nathan Riggs

He is such an amazing character to watch. His story line is amazing and I'm really hoping for a brawl between him and Owen. His relationship with Meredith is pretty sick and he can cause some serious drama in the hospital. He has a nice relationship with April, but it's nice to keep it at friends. I hope he goes on to become good friends with Owen Hunt.

It is a shame he cheated on Meghan. He is a really nice guy. I remember him bringing Khamal all across Europe to find him doctors that could give home back his hands.

33 Teddy Altman

She was great! She really knew how to teach, she was nice and beautiful and Henry was perfect for her!

I thought it was funny how Teddy pushed Callie and Arizona to have girls night out with her

Love and miss teddy! She was so strong, kind, and a great teacher

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34 Ellis Grey
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