Top 10 Grime Rappers


The Top Ten

1 Wiley

Godfather of Grime! He started it!

2 Skepta

He uses punchline after punchline and has meaning to his bars

Person below me have you never watched lord of the mics you fool Skeptas a BOSS

Worst Grime artist ever doesn't have any sense in rap ^^ just proclaims himself as the king of grime, dunno why?

Also the word he repeats in his songs is " boy better know" --fact is noon knows boy better know ^^ no one wants to!

Worst rappers of all time ^^ highly over-rated

3 Tinchy Stryder
4 Chipmunk
5 Bashy
6 Sway

Cleaver Lyric that most of you wouldn't understand! He's too Siiiiiiiiiiick get his mixtape. Too sick!

7 Devlin
8 N-Dubz
9 J2K
10 Scorcher

Signed a major 1million pound deal with staple house and is still a grime star!

The Contenders

11 Griminal

Griminal Takes His Lyrics To Tha Nxt Level

12 Ghetts
13 P-Money

Wish he diverted his energy away from dis tracks as I feel it's starting to define him? As they seem to be getting all the views, Quality songs getting slept on all because of beef no one cares about.

Like his delivery, his side swipes "Ghetts" and mostly his choice of topic..

14 Durrty Goodz

No one is above him. Destroyed wiley and brought the meaning of grime to another level.

15 Dot Rotten
16 Dizzee Rascal Dizzee Rascal

This guy deserves to be king of grime

From a neutral point of view dizzee should be in the top five manz been there since day plus manz smashed it in the UK and USA

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17 Wretch 32

wretch 32 lyrics are so well put together

18 Tinie Tempah

Yeah fire fire we about to set this place on fire without no match or lighter

19 Giggs
20 Lowkey
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