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1 Laney Penn

Dull, unoriginal and just plainly their for a 'positive' female character as part if the main cast. I say unoriginal as not only is she the girl character who is also the 'voice of reason' but also has a crush on the main character. Nothing she says or does is amusing and is plainly there for just being a girl, although she is mistaken for being a guy which is slightly funny the humour isn't exactly from its from the cast around her.

She's so cool! She is openly a tomboy and she's a fiery redhead and beautiful! Also she shreds on that bass like a badass and she should sing more, she's got a good voice. - DragonPrincess1

Laney is so hot

Hell no! Laney sucks! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

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2 Corey Riffin

Yeah Corey is the dude who put Grojband together in the first place and he's pretty cool. He's funny and can sing well and play guitar. No wonder Laney likes him! Laney's still my favourite though and Corey is my second favourite. - DragonPrincess1

He is my favourite boy because he's cute as a Jack Russell terrier.

He so cute, friendly, and hilarious. He reminds me of Randy Cunningham. I like the way he singing. Lyon Smith is the best Canadian voice actor, who bring Corey to life. Corey is my first favorite. I ship him with Laney. - ChatNoirFan18

He's cool. I got the corey tattoo on my leg.

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3 Kin Kujira

It's obvious him and his brother are the 'comic relief' and like Laney have no real purpose, but I guess Kin is different for being the smart guy with his many inventions which can create some decent plots. Just wish he wasn't so one dimensional and his humour didn't come from him and his brothers bodily functions.

I LOVE KIN! He is definitely my favorite character on the show! He's so adorable and funny! There need to be more episodes featuring him!

4 Larry Nepp

Most likely just a dull as his female counterpart.

5 Kon Kujira
6 Carrie Beff

I like her. She is beautiful. I bet she get the Great Dane. She is large as a Great Dane.

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7 Allie Day

Couldn't remember who they were until I searched Wikipedia for a list of characters from the show, they're okay.

8 Kate Persky
9 Trina Riffin Trina Riffin Trina Riffin is a main antagonist from Canadian show, GrojBand. She is Corey Riffin's older sister who has anger issues. She has a crush to Nick Mallory. She hates GrojBand with burning passions. Corey sometimes pissed her by ruining her good day to go to diary mode so he can steal her diary for his more.

I think that Trina Riffen is misunderstood. She writes the best lyrics for Grojband when she's in her most vulnerable state - whether that comes from love, anger or hurt. She is truly the gifted one & the brains behind their whole band. Like everyone, Trina has a good side, it's just locked away.

She is beautiful. She is tall as a large dog such a Great Dane and wolfhound.

One of the few decent characters on this show, I know she's mean but at least she's interesting. Would like to see more from her as I really liked the idea she had locked away her 'good' side. Why couldn't they develop from that?

Trina's diary modes are so funny! Perfect villain! - DragonPrincess1

10 Mina Beff

Mina's a little like me, she wears glasses and has dark hair. I like her and she's developed a lot through the show, seriously at first she was Trina's minion and in 'Hear Us Rock' she couldn't take it anymore and got angry at Trina. I'd like to have a best friend like Laney, Corey, Kon, Kin or Mina. - DragonPrincess1

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11 Nick Mallory

Even though he is just there to show Trina's most humane side, he's funny and charming and a lot more interesting than Corey's comic relief band members.

12 Mayor Mellow
13 Konnie Kagami

Her humour is probably queefing instead of farting, lickkissing instead of burping and bogeys instead of snot, though I don't see the difference between the third option.

14 Candy Jams

She is creepy yet beautiful

15 Kim Kagami
16 Blade Stabbington

He is very creepy and scary

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1. Corey Riffin
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1. Laney Penn
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