Best Grojband Songs

This list is ONLY for GrojBand fans and my friend, regularponyfan09. If you guys hates GrojBand, don't vote on this list.

The Top Ten

1 Knock It Off

I think this is a better rap song than Chicken Pox Rocks. - regularponyfan09

I think I heard this song, was this the one you showed me, ChatNoirFan18? Because it was pretty good and had an awesome riff.

This song is...good riff but lyrically it sucks. - Skullkid755

It does have a good riff but I'm not a fan. If people like it, fine by me - legendary1234

2 My Mind

My god this is beautiful. - regularponyfan09

3 I'm Back

I like this song - legendary1234

It's okay. - regularponyfan09

4 No, I Won't Play

I also love the lyric: "I know you're playing but you'll never take me! " Talk about almost possessed by a demon - legendary1234

Awesome - regularponyfan09

5 Perfect

Anyone else find it ironic that they're singing about not being perfect but their voices are AutoTuned? - regularponyfan09

Yeah...but it did stop the bad guy and it was Grojband yodeling and that was hilarious - legendary1234

6 This Bubble Don't Pop

Pretty much the catchiest, silliest and 1 of my favorite Grojband songs

7 Thrash, Bash, Burn, & Crash

This can educate people on how to be a good driver just by listening to the song - legendary1234

8 Go Away

I love this song

9 Please Come Back

Corney duet for the win! Also Kin and Kon crying is adorable to me for some reason. - regularponyfan09

I liked that Corey and Laney sing together and they sing pretty great together

10 Zombie Dance

Insert Michael Jackson Thriller reference here

The Contenders

11 That's My Jam

This song sounds incredible. - regularponyfan09

12 If the World is Ending

I give credit to the Grojband voice actors singing so quickly.

13 When We Make Today Our Day

This song had Caney moments, the picture of Corey and Laney kissing and pictures from the previous episodes but the question that was always on my mind: Who took the pictures? I'm betting it's the fangirls - legendary1234

14 I'm Giving It All

This song definitely gave it all for Grojband to go out on top. Thumbs up if you agree

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