Grossest Animal Facts

The Top Ten Grossest Animal Facts

1 Castoreum actually comes from a beaver's anus

I'll eat Vanilla Ice Cream all I want - 445956


2 If you stroke a bird you might be turning them on
3 When a proboscis monkey gets mad they have an erection
4 The short horned lizard will shoot blood out of its eyes
5 Butterflies drink turtle tears

Tears are delicious, that isn't gross - 445956

What - ElSherlock

F you 445956

6 If a duck gets bored, he'll turn to a cannibal

Fear the duck man - RustyNail

Plus they rape ( even gang rape) each other all the time
They've very convoluted genitalia ( look it up ) for a reason. - Ananya

7 Storks, flamingos, condors, and vultures poop on their feet to stay cool
8 Falcons breed in captivity

This fact isn't gross - ElSherlock

9 Baby koalas eat their mother's poop
10 The ornate narrow mouthed frog lived in elephant poop

The Contenders

11 Shy crabs produce the most sperm

Not a gross fact - ElSherlock

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