Top 10 Grossest Bart Baker Parodies

The Top Ten
1 Sugar
2 Thrift Shop
3 We Can't Stop
4 The J*rk Off Song
5 Problem
6 Anaconda
7 Fancy
8 Wrecking Ball

The part where the guy eats the condom ew

9 As Long As You Love Me

The original video was super gross, especially in the end.

This video is 10 times grosser, then again maybe I shouldn't be freaked out, because I'm subbed to some guy who does that for a living.

10 Shape Of You

"Can I please cover all YOUR shapes with this LUBE?! " - xandermartin98

The Contenders
11 Sexy and I’m Homeless

Yes. The part where he was eating out of the garbage can. That made me wanna puke

12 Pour it Up
13 Anus

I'm weak and old and I cannot control my anus

14 Big Old Pubes
15 I Should Have Worn a Condom I Should Have Worn a Condom Cover Art
16 Slutty Friday Slutty Friday Cover Art
17 Chik Kok
18 E.D - Bart Baker
19 Drug Addict
20 Booty
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