Top Ten Grossest Candy

Now that today is Halloween, I'm doing my best to make The-Top-Tens more "Halloween Themed" today. If you heard of any other gross candy, put it on the list! If you don't know what some of these candies are, be sure to google them!

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1 Barf Flavored Jelly Beans

I ate it once at school and it tasted so bad I ran and jumped around for one minute

Aren't these feom the harry potter thing - Patronus

I have had one before. It is the worst thing I have ever had! It's smells like barf and it tastes like when you throw up. Also, if you sallow it, it will burn your throat like actual vomit does.

No idea what barf flavored jellybeans are but, the sound of that makes me feel like this should be number 1. ( kinda like the ones from Harry Potter)

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2 Chocka Ca-Ca

What is this?
* looks at top comment explaining what it is*
Oh god I wish I never asked - Patronus

Who else looked this candy up on the internet

Chocolate inside a diaper... - booklover1

Am I dead? Or in an endless astral projection from eating this?!

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3 Almond Joy

Who even put this on here? This is so random! Screw coconut haters! - MrQuirky2019

The most disgusting candy that doesn't try to be disgusting.

Iiicckk! I made a story where Almond Joy was the candy everyone hated this and barf jelly beans are so dang ick!

I have tried it today and it was actually good. I also tried mounds and I liked that one too. - DrayTopTens

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4 Lick Your Wounds Candy

Eww bloody band aids that's nasty - Patronus

Never heard of it but sounds nasty

Eww it comes in a band aid I had to look it up to even know what it was

This is boss. NOT

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5 Zit Poppers

Ew, "zit" just sounds gross. Would probably make me laugh my $10 off, and then go number three, and then roll on the floor laughing. #3 in the loo is gross. Now, I cannot believe that anyone would possibly say a "Toilet" candy would be gross. Toilet toilet toilet!

Now I have never tried any of these, but the "Zit poppers" just sound like I want to have emesis in the toilet. Now, I cannot believe a "Toilet" candy could possibly be bad -- do not waste time and go number 3, they are gross.

Those 2 words should NOT be used as a name of a candy. That turned my stomach! - mandi021174

Zit ill

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6 Box of Boogers

This candy is good its not even real boogers duhh

Ee*gets hit by car* eeew - DogeFan132

7 Lollipops With Insects In Them

These are great. - Cyri

These actually don't sound that bad. - Patronus

Oh my gosh never heard of them but they sound like spue worthy

8 Bug In a Lollipop

My older cousins always taunt and tease me with these at the candy store.

9 Ear Wax Candy

Who in the world would've came up with this? What thought came to their mind that inspired them to make this? - MrQuirky2019

"Alas, earwax." - Albus Dumbledore upon eating a Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean - Cyri

I almost threw up when I saw the candy name. Why would want to you eat ear wax? DISGUSTING

So GROSS I mean who would want to eat ear wax

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10 Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

Only like because some are really good and because they are from Harry Potter.

Beanboozled, anyone? - Cyri

I think that they are good! Some are fairly gross like vomit, earwax, boger and soap. But others are good such as lemon, cherry, bacon, and blueberry. So I think that they should be off this list!

I got these for free at the Harry potter museum and it was like vomit, earthworm, and rotten egg, and earwax flavored. It was disgusting!

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11 Crime Scene Candy Tubes

Blood, Urine, and Saliva are the flavors. - booklover1

12 Scorpion Suckers and Chocolate Covered Bugs

There just putting it with chocolate so people would think there okay

that sucks

13 Nose Hose

Why is this here?! Its good!

14 Butterfinger


Ok, I wish people actually put gross candy, not candy that's gross by opinion! - MrQuirky2019

Not tried it yet, but seen it in asda. I know a lot of American candy is awful but its worth a try.

This is the best candy in the world! It shouldn't be anywhere near this list! You people must not be able to taste!

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15 Squishy Juice-Squirting Eyeball Candy

Disgusting! They're eyeballs that squirt juice when you bite into them!

16 Candy Corn Candy Corn Candy corn is a candy most often found in the United States and Canada, popular primarily around Halloween.

Candy corn is delicious why the heck is it here in thinking of the candy corn that has white orange and yellow but I have no idea what your talking about!

It's not corn, it's not candy and it's shaped exactly like shards of rat poison which is what it also tastes like. Anyone giving this crap to your children HATES CHILDREN and gives it to them so they can pretend it IS shards of rat poison.

It doesn't look like corn or candy and doesn't taste like candy or corn

So waxy and yuck. Comes out in big batches every Halloween.

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17 Sour Flush Toilet Candy

Whats with all the gross-out candies? Like just why? Is this a candy store or is it Sanjay and Craig? - Patronus

The name alone

Why do they have to give candy such gross names everybody thinks they're CRAP!

I've had one of these before. It was too sour for my liking. - Pegasister12

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18 Snickers

This is the best candy ever. if you say otherwise then your high

Tastes like vomit. Smells like vomit. I ate theese and and then BLAH came out me

They are so bad the crunchiness but then the texture is sort of liquid it does not work together

Snickers are so good! - benhos

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19 Vomit Flavor Jelly Beans

So bad it's on here twice

Ew (refuses to think about this)


They make me want to vomit, but if you give them to a 2 year-old its very funny... ^_^ THE CAT ^_^

PS. My friend did it

20 Peeps

These are yummt - Patronus

Yummy yummy marshmallows I love 'em - Officialpen

There just marshmallows


21 Licorice

I think I was addicted to Blackjack and Fruit Salads when I was a kid.

I hate it when it's black

I hate black licorice.

22 Turkish Delight

Whoever posted that Justin Bieber is a woman and is a lesbian, is a lesbian.

This is the best thing in the world why why why world why

Yuck! This tastes like that idiot lesbian Justin Bieber!

23 Necco Wafers

AUGH NO! NOT THE NECCO'S! - QuarterGuysApprentice

24 Warheads

American imports only sold in sweet shops. Warheads, Pop Rocks.

I don't know why I voted for this. It tastes good.

Tastes like pure battery acid with a pinch of sugar

25 Whoppers

I last ate whoppers about 10 years ago. I threw up for an hour. - benhos

Why why it's so tasty

26 Gum That Flavor Fades Quickly

Who would want to make this? Did they think this would be a success? Nobody is asking for gum that the flavor fades quickly! Everyone wants everlasting flavored gum! - MrQuirky2019

I had one that went from normal to disintegrating in my mouth in 5 minutes once. It was some no-name brand or whatever. Was right in the middle of a lecture too so I had nowhere to spit it out! - BKAllmighty

27 Tootsie Rolls

This is fake chocolate

What do you mean I love toostie rolls - lizard302


28 Kinder Surprise

I liked them when I was a kid, I also had a Kinder Surprise Easter egg which was bigger. You can't choke on them, there is a warning on them not to give to under 3. How thick are you?

The only thing gross about this candy is that extremely creepy Kinder commercial staring Humpty Dumpty.

29 Peanut Butter M&M's
30 Peanut Bars


I get your point, but we still like it - QuarterGuysApprentice

31 Smarties Smarties Smarties are a colour-varied sugar-coated chocolate confectionery. They have been manufactured since 1937.

The British ones are way better chocolate.

Eew so disgusting and crumby and people are lying it doesn't make you smart

32 Good & Plenty

You have one and:
It's actually somewhat good! I've had plenty though...

33 Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters

I might have seen these in Waterstones but I'm not too sure, but I think WH Smith had Jelly Slugs, Chocolate Frogs and the beans.

34 Garlic Sweets
35 Mounds


36 Dark Chocolate
37 Rotten Egg Flavor Jelly Beans

I'm used to the taste of these, for some reason. So, I just swallow them and they aren't that bad.


38 Parma Violets

Yeww! These flower-flavored sweets (ew! ) ar just so crumbly and disgusting! (So sorry if I've offended anyone :/

39 Candy With Real Bug


40 Onion Flavored
41 Black Licorice

This should be at least in the top 5, because this is the worst candy I've ever tasted! Even the smell of it makes me want to vomit. I knew these were going to be gross, anyway, since lots of people said it was gross. It tastes like coffee, but WORSE, WAY WORSE...

Looks like a insect because they are licorice they are so bad flavour in the world.

42 Payday Bar Payday Bar
43 Twizzlers
44 Dead Fish Flavored Jelly Beans

Barf is at the top. But dead fish is way worse...It tastes like a corpse (probably) would. I almost never barf and this almost did...absolutely nasty.

45 Flavored Crickets
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