Top Ten Grossest Candy

Now that today is Halloween, I'm doing my best to make The-Top-Tens more "Halloween Themed" today. If you heard of any other gross candy, put it on the list! If you don't know what some of these candies are, be sure to google them!

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21 Necco Wafers

AUGH NO! NOT THE NECCO'S! - QuarterGuysApprentice

22 Whoppers

I last ate whoppers about 10 years ago. I threw up for an hour. - benhos

Why why it's so tasty

23 Licorice

I hate it when it's black

I hate black licorice.

24 Gum That Flavor Fades Quickly

I had one that went from normal to disintegrating in my mouth in 5 minutes once. It was some no-name brand or whatever. Was right in the middle of a lecture too so I had nowhere to spit it out! - BKAllmighty

25 Turkish Delight

This is the best thing in the world why why why world why

Yuck! This tastes like that idiot lesbian Justin Bieber!

26 Warheads

I don't know why I voted for this. It tastes good.

Tastes like pure battery acid with a pinch of sugar

27 Good & Plenty

You have one and:
It's actually somewhat good! I've had plenty though...

28 Tootsie Rolls

This is fake chocolate

What do you mean I love toostie rolls - lizard302


29 Kinder Surprise

The only thing gross about this candy is that extremely creepy Kinder commercial staring Humpty Dumpty.

30 Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters
31 Garlic Sweets
32 Peanut Bars


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33 Smarties Smarties Smarties are a colour-varied sugar-coated chocolate confectionery. They have been manufactured since 1937.

Eew so disgusting and crumby and people are lying it doesn't make you smart

34 Mounds
35 Dark Chocolate
36 Rotten Egg Flavor Jelly Beans

I'm used to the taste of these, for some reason. So, I just swallow them and they aren't that bad.

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37 Parma Violets

Yeww! These flower-flavored sweets (ew! ) ar just so crumbly and disgusting! (So sorry if I've offended anyone :/

38 Candy With Real Bug


39 Onion Flavored
40 Black Licorice

This should be at least in the top 5, because this is the worst candy I've ever tasted! Even the smell of it makes me want to vomit. I knew these were going to be gross, anyway, since lots of people said it was gross. It tastes like coffee, but WORSE, WAY WORSE...

Looks like a insect because they are licorice they are so bad flavour in the world.

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