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21 Marlboro

The most overrated brand out there. Burn fast and the taste gets old really fast. Don't get the big following, people just follow them for there popularity.

Marlboro is one of the best smokes out there. The new Marlboro Menthol Blacks are delicious and don't leave a lingering aftertaste.

I don't understand Marlboro's popularity. The flavor is bad, they burn fast and unevenly, and the smoke is way too harsh.

Even though they are over rated they are still food depending on what you get, reds menthol,nxt,black menthol. Although they failed on regular blacks,they do not burn good nor even. Factory fail I say.

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22 Monte Carlo V 2 Comments
23 Lucky Strike

Bought a brick in Greece because they were cheap, non menthol, it's two hours since I smoked one and I still taste in my mouth

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24 Exeter

I'm broke until Friday so I scraped up $3 in change, walked into the gas station and asked the clerk what the cheapest pack of cigarettes were. She pulled out Exeter Menthols and I bought them. My throat burns every time I take a drag and they give me a minor headache. The after taste is not good either.

Bottom Line: The WORST smelling cigarette! Everything the Exeter cigarette smoke comes into contact with STINKS! Even the second hand smoke from the cigarettes gives you a sore throat.

Worst smelling, tasting, and existing cigarettes in the universe super cheap but still not worth the cash

25 Winfield

I love winfield blue here in Australia they are an icon. I don't think they should be on the list.


26 Gold Flake
27 Edgefield

Complete trash in cardboard.

Not bad. less caustic than marlboro


28 Eagle 20's

So gross. Found myself realizing I wasn't enjoying my much loved smoke time at all. Terrible...Terrible taste. Like old cardboard that lingers on tongue. Burnt extremely fast like the cigs were made out of marshmallow or something. And absolutely unpackable. If buy, will regret it! Spend the extra dollar and actually enjoy yourself.

The last two cartoons I bought. I still have 8 packs left in one.they taste bad but also Iwake up at night thinking my house is burning. I smell like burning leaves and ccoughingalot. Scared because think ssomething bad

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29 Salem

Smooth as silk and no after taste.

I been smoking these for a year now and I think these kill you faster I been having really bad chest pain from a year for Salems

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31 Manchester

Tastes like I'm inhaling pure plastic

32 JPS

No nice tobacco flavour just chemical disgusting and smell repulsive they have a gritty after taste. In Aus JPS is a budget smoke and you get what you pay for, definitely never again I smoke for pleasure and these make you not want to smoke because they are pretty nasty like all budget cigarettes. Stick to quality cigarettes that taste like real tobacco and not burning coal!

Just awful tasting, bought them as I was a little low on cash and they were a cheap alternative, but I had 2 and threw the rest away, leaves a dirty taste in your mouth that I could only get rid of by brushing my teeth straight after, makes me wanna give up

Yuk yuk yuk horrible I don't think it's even tobacco just stalks off some plant and just all chemical tastes like something made in china

Worst cigg I've ever had, I bought a fresh pouch of jps blue and gave it away like 2 days after it's so inky and disgusting and they hiss when you take a drag

33 Benson & Hedges

Menthal lights are the best

I just switched from newport mentol kings to thease and the full flavord menthol (premium) are pretty good kinda exspensive I think the most exspensive out the but you pay for a good tobbaco its still not good for you but if your going to smoke smoke a good brand leave the cheap tobbacos alone

34 Akhtamar

Natural tobacco flavour

35 Canadian Classics

Canadian Classics are easily one of the best cigarettes available in Canada. They aren't as smooth as a Camel, but they're way better than anything else available where I live.

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36 Kool

Love these, it's like a Newport and Marlboro menthol but better to me. THESE are GOOD

Delicious smooth taste. One of the first cigarettes that I ever smoked.

They are my favorite

Best cigarettes ever made

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37 Yours
38 Crowns

Crowns are great. No after taste and cheaper and taste better than marlboro lights

Worst one ever made by Circle k

Made me and another Co-worker sick. Like bloody mucus sneezing and upset stomach with horrible diarrhea. Never buying another pack again.

They have a stale taste and terrible after taste and I work for circle k I can say that laugh out loud

39 Checkers

Taste like rolled up cat litter.

40 Echo

Absolutely the worst cigarette ever to exist. my grandma and this tweaker dude I used to know smoke these and those are the only type of people I'd expect enjoy these cigarettes

Echo is awful in many ways. It's cheap but poor quality of cigs with awful blend of leaves.
Way to much Tar.
It literally tasted like something from a 30 year old rusty exhaust pipe

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