Top Ten Grossest Cigarette Brands


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41 Marlboro Reds

Marlboro Red shorts hardpack is my cigarette of choice and to put this brand up is straight up cigarette blasphemy. MARLBORO MAN is rolling in his golden grave. Listen, If you strike you a pack of these you are a cur above the rest.

A smoke to die for.

42 Just Smokes

Just smokes should be called just nasty instead

43 Win

Sick taste, cheap smoke, and people are more cheaper who smoke this

Seriously the most pathetic people smoke this

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44 Winston

Good smoke compared to the rest

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45 Cheyenne

I don't personally like these but ill smoke them if I'm really desperate id rather smoke criss cross though

Taste like garbage to me worst cigarettes ever

46 Dunhill

That's if you get the international one

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47 Canyon V 1 Comment
48 SKL
49 Golden Bay

Only good, if you're very low on funds and you're desprite for a smoke.

50 305's

For some reason, smokers at our local bar seem to smoke these foul stench sticks as if they taste normal. I'm a former smoker who hates all cigarette smoke, but I have never smelled any other brand that makes me feel physically ill when I'm around it. People, please quit smoking for your health and the health of family and friends, but if for some reason you won't or can't, at least do us all a favor and find something else to waste your money on.

Picked up a pack of these for $2 when I was low on money and couldn't even finish the pack

They smell and the taste is just awful; not smooth at all.

I smoke l & m and when I'm low on funds I smoke these but every time I make the switch I get sick. Not nauseous but physically sick, makes me cough I get a cold just awful. I don't get why besides it's a low grade cig. Smoking is bad for you I know but I have no other problem with any other cig besides these! Just awful!

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51 Lambert and Butler
52 Parliament

What is this taste? Makes me nauseous. Tastes like chemicals

Absolute crap

Too light for the price

Smooth but menthols burn really fast.

53 Belmont

Belmont is one of the worst cigarettes out there. It breaks and crumples really easily. Tastes awfully like chemicals and smells weird.

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54 Amber Leaf
55 American Spirit Blue

Just ew. Made me so sick to stomach and gave a sour taste to my mouth. Other versions are OK but not these

Not bad as a cheat smoke 👿

56 Magna
57 Axis

Enough formaldehyde to qualify as a biology class!

58 Wills
59 West
60 Bond Street

I've had numerous brands, and bond street is the only brand I have tried that leave me feeling nauseous, sick, and sometimes even make me throw up. They are horrible

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