Top Ten Grossest Cigarette Brands


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81 Stradbroke

When ya broke and grab a 40 pack of these you realise never to smoke budget cigarettes again. Not a smoke like they used to be

82 Horizon
83 Richmond

Awful taste, its gone after a few drags, cheap and bland.

84 Players

Players Rich are great, but originals are horrible. Tastes like smoking sour milk.

85 Winchester
86 Jacks

When I first started at university my local sheetz sold them right in the middle of the rack! They were my staple for awhile but then they got discontinued :(

87 Bronson

I wanted to buy a cheep pack of cigarettes just for the hell of it and buying a pack was the worst decision I've ever made.

88 Prince

Very harsh and bad-tasting cigarette. Harshest cigarette I have smoked, and it has only 0.4 mg of nicotine!

Best selling cigs in skandynawia..

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