Top Ten Grossest The Loud House Episodes

This is a list of the grossest episodes of the Loud House weather it Be toilet humor or some other gross things, and just because an episode is gross doesn't mean it's bad so vote and leave a comment if you like. Enjoy!

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1 One of The Boys One of The Boys

This has some really gross scenes like the bathroom scene. Plus the Loud Brothers are such disgusting SLOBS! Even worse then me! - Spongehouse

Yeah. One of my least favourite episodes. - Userguy44

Nasty Jazz - BreakFastBeast2005

2 Two Boys and a Baby Two Boys and a Baby

Weather it was the family eating moldy pudding at their Aunt Ruth's, Lily farting in Lincoln and Clyde's faces multiple times, The diaper full of crap hitting the fan, Lincoln and Clyde accidentally eating dog food and throwing up, or Ruth showing her disgusting feet with her extra toe, this episode is full of gross moments. - Spongehouse

*Puke* - Xalen_

3 One Flu Over the Loud House One Flu Over the Loud House

I love this episode but it is kind of gross how they get each other sick by sneezing on someone, sometimes even in each other's mouths - Spongehouse

4 Chore and Peace Chore and Peace

It was pretty gross when the house was messy but nothing to gross here in my opinion - Spongehouse

5 Pipe Dreams Pipe Dreams

Like One of the Boys this episode also had a pretty disgusting bathroom scene. Plus Old Sloshie (I think that's how you spell it) was also really gross - Spongehouse

6 Intern for the Worse Intern for the Worse

Flip had some gross scenes in this one. I hope the owner of Sheetz doesn't do stuff like this - Spongehouse

7 Tripped Tripped

This one wasn't too gross though it did have a few moments, like when Lori's farts were suffocating everyone and when everyone was throwing up after eating the old sandwiches Leni made - Spongehouse

8 Cheater by the Dozen Cheater by the Dozen

I find this one gross due to the one scene where Bobby get naked and a dog jumps onto his lap, which causes Lincoln to think Bobby is banging the dog - Spongehouse

9 Ruthless People Ruthless People

Wasn't as gross as Two Boys and a Baby but it had a few gross scenes in my opinion - Spongehouse

10 Fed Up Fed Up

The food they made sure looked gross. Not to mention the state of the kitchen afterwards. - Spongehouse

The Contenders

11 Fool Me Twice Fool Me Twice

Who likes the ending


12 The Loudest Thanksgiving

There was one scene in which Lynn is wearing these baggy pants which she calls her pee pants so she can soil herself so she doesn't have to use the bathroom and miss out on dinner and the football game and she demonstrates this by dumping a can of Turkey stock in her pants as she makes this very unsettling face that looks like she's having an orgasm I'm not even joking that's exactly what it looks like. - egnomac

13 Change of Heart Change of Heart

This image makes me kind of uncormfortable

It’s so gross because of Clyde’s nosebleeding

14 Health Kicked Health Kicked

It was pretty gross when Lana eat those grubs after dipping them in the onion water - Spongehouse

15 Out on a Limo Out on a Limo

What is the reason if making this episodes are nonsense plain dumb that’s mother stupid but they were dump as jp

16 Patching Things Up Patching Things Up
17 Pilot (Bathroom Break!!!)
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1. Two Boys and a Baby
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1. Tripped
2. One of The Boys
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1. One of The Boys
2. Chore and Peace
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