Top Ten Worst Things About Siblings Ages Seven, Eight, and Nine

I'm just talking about the ones who are ages seven eight and nine.
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1 They are brats

Stupid dumb little kid who thinks they can get away with everything. This is why I became unsocialized, sloitary, and never forget the bad stuff people do to me. Trust me, I hate lots of people already and they don't even know how annoying they are.

My brother forces me all day to like Clarence and Barney but it just doesn't work.

I AM 8 YEARS OLD AND I AM SO MATURE! That my grandpa thinks I am 10!
So say 5, 6 and 7 since when I was 6 and 7, I was a brat!

You are making a list about me. I am 8 years old

2 They act all like they're so cool

Yeah they actually suck they aren't as cool as teenagers

3 They think they own everything

RowdyRogan had his room upgraded to $50,000 which is a waste of money, why he is getting more subscribers? and how he is playing Warzone while too young? because he's too young to have a channel on YouTube, he had been playing Warzone while he's too young, who are his parents? and how is he doing this, he needs to understand the age limit, his parents allowed him to have a YouTube channel while he's too young, he is a 7-8 year old who played Warzone while too young, if he don't stop then he will get terminated in the future.

4 They are annoying

My six year old neighbor loves breadwinners and henry danger I hate those two shows for anyone who likes these shows I respect your opinion

Oh gosh I was the weirdest, meanest, annoyingest person ever in my elementary years. I don't blame them.

5 They cry to their mother

My brother mostly crises about having a swing when people have it and sudennly when I have the swing my mom says 5 more mins. Dude I had a the swing

When I was 8 and 9 I didn't cry; I beat them up. my brothers, at least.

My brother always does this. And it's SO annoying!

LOL when I was eight or nine I wasn't like that

6 Mothers always cave in to them

Yes... I know this isn't a sibling age seven, eight, or nine, but my four year old brother is awful sometimes and Mom says she will take (insert toy) away from him. He cries about it: 10 minutes later he has it back.

My neighbor could watch breadwinners and it has really bad messages

7 They think they can get whatever they want
8 They whine constantly

So true, its all I ever hear.

Every second of every day every single hour! ( ya know, except when they're directly in front the T.V. -.- ) They whine about candy, not getting what they want, no T.V. etc
-(I try to sneak an hour of iPad time at night, but because of him whining his f'ing head off I get caught. Yeah, I know I'm not supposed to do it. But I bet a LOT more people do it...)-

9 They get hurt too easily

Someone did that on my bus he said he was getting "choked"
And I tickled him

10 They tattle on you for everything
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11 They think bad words are funny

That is for SIX AND SEVEN YEAR OLDS! When I was seven I did it but I am EIGHT and don't do it anymore! IDIOT

My friend's younger brother loves-I repeat-LOVES bad words. He isn't stupid enough to say the actual thing, but he says it whenever he gets a chance(being tickled, hit, given A PIECE OF BREAD, etc.)

F-ing F- are funny (A 6 Year Old)

12 They cry when you beat them at video games

I never let my neighbor play wii sports anymore because she is a crybaby because I always win I'm trying hard not to but wii is just so easy for me

13 They cry for no reason
14 They think they are adults
15 They lie a lot
16 They provoke fights, then get tell on you or cry whenever they get hurt

Uggghhh my brother is so annoying, he acts like an idiot all the time because he knows I hate it. He makes the weirdest noises and moves just because he wants me to get mad at him, because he knows that my parents will get mad at me when I get mad at him, and he thinks it's funny. He told me himself! It annoys me to no end.

My older brother in a nutshell.

17 They snitch on you

And you get in trouble.

18 They also cry to their father
19 They suck at online games
20 They are rude
21 They are mean
22 They think they are right even if they are wrong
23 They are sexist
24 They are racist
25 They call people gay

Some older boys on my bus call each other gay, so the little kids say it too.

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