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1 Fredi

He's a good player

I like fredi name

Good job mzte

Good name!

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2 1327

I don't really like this user but had to vote because I want Wicker to get kicked off the top ten

Most visited world (TRADE about 42,000 a day)

Most important world ever TRADE!

Lol I voted for the top

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3 Techy

Techy is cute

4 Artemis

Please vote on this list but add on Top Ten Growtopia Players List 2

I like his world name parkour

He's a nice and kind guy


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5 Danieldd

Your a great Growtopian and u support and help people which is what we need more of in Growtopia. Keep it up and Good Luck!

He is a scammer

6 Metroid30

Very cool player

My friend rl

7 Hakanss

Hakanss helped me out a lot! Thanks hakanss

Best player! Also he owns best Gt YouTube channel in my opinion.

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8 Poseidon36

Definitely a rising star started in Dec 2014 and now has 24 worlds and 2 WOTDS

@POSEIDON36 GT - Instragram, Poseidon36 Gt - Twitter, Growtopia Poseidon36 - Facebook

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9 seth

You did a nice programming I love your game why are you not on the top!

Seth is awesome at almost everything.

Lol seth is awesome

He is a pro

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10 NoobGamer11

The Contenders

11 Cukuzz

I vote because Your The best man

I vote you because you awesome

You've been a bit inactive


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12 @Angel2874

I voted you dude

Also famous

13 VicTeM

Victem likes to hangout with new friends and help them!

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14 Edvoid20

List will become famous players only

I Vote Edvoid20 Cause Well... where famous haha... @Seth Go To Hydroden please!

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15 DeathVader
16 Brother1
17 @JackBowe
18 jake459

SPARE ACCOUNTS REMOVED. (Top Ten Growtopia Spare Accounts)

19 Thicke
20 Doomcraft

Doomcraft is EPIC! He helps me and other newbies

Why is all the chat on Doomcraft

If you know any of these players real names please post it

Yay Doomcraft is Not on the top

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21 LOL

I like Lol, He is a Legend, I Like Him cause him always Comment who Play Casino. I See Him in YouTube but I forgot channel, he gave Casino World To @Aimster, and he gave 1 Xenonite To @Aimster

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22 famousekid

I Like Him, Cause He Make A Cool Video, I always dream to meet him, Love You FamousKid

The most awesome YouTuber for growtopia. He help me a lot. If u want to noe who send tis message its adamgray

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She is pro and owns lots of world

Mixgy lol just KIDDING - MIXGY

She is too pro

Worlds queen

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24 TK69
25 EasyE


U r great and I feel sorry for yr lody of devil wings that time.

26 V3ssal1us

I loved his world called PARKOURATTACK why he sold it now it is so annoying...

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27 Timing
28 @hamumu

Best and developer DUH

You are a great artist why are you nnot on the top

The developer of GT

29 SSSniperwolf
30 Molecule
31 2989

I like MA15 movies bring it on

I want movies come on

Yeah I want movies in the game like Willy wonka and the chocolate factory
And superman even Godzilla bring it on

yawa na

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32 PraePoom

Very Famous person he's good!

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33 Barney
34 Sisses

Not Well Known Players Removed

35 1965
36 iSG
37 V0ren

I love this guy's video

38 Tachy
39 CocoMonkey

I vote her because her film is funny

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40 Vange

best yter

41 VincecraftTN

This guy. is. Awesome. (this definitely isn't me adding my own name to this list...)


42 EpicDude29

Good player my friend rl

43 6720
44 angel2875

He is the best one and helpful

He help newbies :) He best Mongolian player

45 Bro633
46 @Pcats

I like him, but he's not a mod anymore though. Update this list. - chungga1296

Pcats isn't a mod anymore but he is a nice you tuber

Pcats wasnt a mod :P seth/hamumu gace him the pcats hat


47 fence
48 EasyBro
49 gtaninja
50 Danger
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