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1 Fredi

Fredi's interview
@seth - Hi Fredi Do you like to be famous. Fredi - Yes I love it
@seth - What is your favourite WOTD. Fredi - PUDDY - I also want to sponsor a PUDDY leash
@seth - If You could become a mod would you. Fredi - Of Course I would
@seth - When did you start Growtopia. Fredi - 8.5 years ago I was the 17th player to download the game
@seth - Why did you name yourself Fredi. Fredi - I just liked that word
@seth - Honestly, Have you ever scammed someone. Fredi - Yes and No I ran drop game but it wasn't a scan then I played it the right way, I also hosted casinos but yes you won items
@seth - Where are you from. Fredi - China, I am 16 years old
@seth - does any of your family or friends play Growtopia. Fredi - Yes my school mate Ludo
@seth - What is your favourite game. Fredi - Growtopia
Thank you fredi

He's a good player

I like fredi name

Good job mzte

2 1327

1327's interview
@seth - Hi 1327 Do you like being famous. 1327 - Yes I Do
@seth - what's your favourite world of yours. 1327 - HAUNTEDISLAND - I want to sponsor Haunted Ripper Wings
@seth - If you could be a mod would you. 1327 - Yes I would but I haven't applied yet
@seth - When did you start Growtopia. 1327 - 2 Years ago
@seth - Why did you name yourself 1327. 1327 - Well my dad and I loved that number
@seth - Honestly, Have you ever scammed someone. 1327 - Yes, I used to be a scammer. mostly to pros and other scammers so I can donate to noobs, but now I have donation boxes, Everyone donates. Thanks guys!
@seth - Where are you from. 1327 - Cranbourne, Australia - It's in the city of Melbourne (The Tram City)
@seth - Do you know any other griwtopians. 1327 - Yes My Sister Alisa1327 and My Brothers Ethan1327, Matthew1327 and Caleb1327 and my friends Tim0751, Jacob999, Jacob2578, 6010, ConnorXdude, Bradley44,
Anthony20 and Braden20 and my ...more

This player needs to be top!

Yeah 1327 better than WickEr10

Lol I voted for the top

3 Techy

I voted because I am techy

Techy is so pro when it comes to wotd farm. #fab

Techy is pro. #fab

Techy is cute

4 Artemis

Change the password to your email - I did that to Hjaana and I got all their stuff

I like his world name parkour

I play parkour when I'm bored

Makes best parkour worlds

5 Danieldd

Your a great Growtopian and u support and help people which is what we need more of in Growtopia. Keep it up and Good Luck!

He Sponsored a very nice item.

6 Metroid30

Very cool player

7 Hakanss

Best player! Also he owns best Gt YouTube channel in my opinion.

Hakanss helped me out a lot! Thanks hakanss

8 seth

Seth has done very good programming and I really enjoy playing growtopia

He's a pro and I gave seen him in growtopia and we chatted for a while.

You did a nice programming I love your game why are you not on the top!

Seth is awesome at almost everything.

You're the maker seth... your supose to be at the top

9 Poseidon36

Definitely a rising star started in Dec 2014 and now has 24 worlds and 2 WOTDS

Yeah Poseidon is very cool world builder and YouTuber

10 NoobGamer11
The Contenders
11 Cukuzz

I Like Cukuzz, I meet him, when he Do a Super Broadcast and I do /go, He Indonesian, I like him. I just meet him 1x LIVE

I voted for him because I met him very many years ago

I vote because Your The best man

I vote you because you awesome

12 @Angel2874

I voted you dude

13 @JackBowe

jackbowe best friend I $ you

14 VicTeM

Victem likes to hangout with new friends and help them!

I am better then you

Victem is so kind

İ lobe you too but hakanss is turkish pkayer ���"���"

15 DeathVader
16 Edvoid20

I Vote Edvoid20 Cause Well... where famous haha... @Seth Go To Hydroden please!

I vote because you are awesome

News daily is helpful

His videos are very intresting

17 Brother1
18 @hamumu

You are a great artist why are you nnot on the top

Best and developer DUH

The developer of GT


She is pro and owns lots of world

She is too pro

Mixgy lol just KIDDING

Worlds queen

20 Thicke
21 jake459
22 LOL

I like Lol, He is a Legend, I Like Him cause him always Comment who Play Casino. I See Him in YouTube but I forgot channel, he gave Casino World To @Aimster, and he gave 1 Xenonite To @Aimster

Most visited casino (Casino)

23 Doomcraft

Yeah Doomcraft is really epic he is a helpful player

Doomcraft is great player I have been seeing you

Why is Doomcraft 8th he should be number 1

Doomcraft is awesome from his teacher

24 famousekid

The most awesome YouTuber for growtopia. He help me a lot. If u want to noe who send tis message its adamgray

I like him a lot he is pro!

I Like Him, Cause He Make A Cool Video, I always dream to meet him, Love You FamousKid

25 Timing
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